3 months free hosting

Special offer for Bloomtools clients only.

Do you know any of your clients, friends or alliances that could benefit from using a Bloomtools website solution to grow their business?

We are looking for like minded business owners like you, to work with them to help develop their online presence. Many businesses are still missing out on taking advantage of the power of the internet and we want to help them.

It's simple, all you need to do pass the details of your client (friend or alliance) to your local Internet Consultant, and if they purchase a Bloomtools 3G website then you will receive 3 months free hosting. It is that easy!

If you refer one business you receive 3 months free hosting.

If you refer two businesses you receive 6 months free hosting.

If you refer three business you receive 9 months free hosting.

If you refer four businesses you receive ONE FREE YEAR of Hosting!

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*Special conditions apply (offer begins 1 June 2010 is valid until 30 September 2010 only). Not applicable with any other offers. Referral client must become purchase a Bloomtools 3G website. To receive this offer, you must mention this offer to your Local Internet Consultant.

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