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Fresh changes in design of websites for 2016

Posted by Tracey Voyce
June 2016
Fresh changes in design of websites for 2016


After 5 years with Bloomtools, Zacalu Zoo has added a new look to her website versus needing to buy a brand new website. Remember, that's all you need to do with a Bloomtools website as we keep the technology behind the scenes and up-to-date for you.

Starting out with a kids clothing shop in Kingscliff, Chantal and her family have impressively grown their business to now sell women's wear and shoes, and also adding a new location with her second store open in Bangalow.  Their online business has also been growing to bring in a steady flow of sales too.

Because Zacalu Zoo's stock is very fashionable, we needed to match that with a modern design that really showcased the products as the heroes.

The trends these days with designs are:

  • To use the full width of the screen, and create as much white space as possible to show off what you want people to focus on. 
  • Make your home page your businesses shop window.  Whether in retail or not.  Within 3 seconds your site visitor will make an instant decision on whether to stay or go.  They will decide if you have what they are after and that you are a business they want to do business with.
  • Due to that speed, design is very important that it talks to your target market, showcases visually as well as in words what you do, looks professional and up to date. Essentially how you look on your website, must match up with how you want to be perceived as a business.

For eCommerce (shopping websites), it needs to:

  • Demonstrate immediately that you are selling your goods online.
  • Encourages people to stay and look around by showcasing some of your product range. Excellent photos are essential.
  • Give people piece of mind with security, key customer service areas including shipping, returns, privacy etc.
  • Encourage action with clear calls to action and incentives.
  • Captures email addresses, so even if they do not buy this time you have their details to market to them in the future.
  • Works the mobile market.  This is one of the biggest, as usability on a mobile phone is different to a tablet and desktop/laptop. Designing a mobile solution needs to focus on this device users needs and your key actions you are wanting people to take. 


Go check out Zacaluzoo online website showcasing fashion for kids, tweens and women - Be sure to view it on your desktop as well as mobile phone to see the difference between both design.

If your website is looking out of date and not keeping site visitors or encouraging them to take action then give your local Bloomtools Consultant a call to find out what you need to do to get better results.


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Client Spotlight: Base Zero and their website that "rocks!"

Posted by Nicole Balchin
June 2016
Client Spotlight: Base Zero and their website that "rocks!"
Matt and the team at Base Zero are passionate about what they do, and that certainly translates into their website. They are an adventurous, enthusiastic bunch of rock climbers who want to spread the word about climbing, and help the community feel comfortable and confident in doing so.

Base Zero offers mobile rock climbing activities in Queensland and in New South Wales. They  provide a safe, encouraging environment for people to take on a challenge and develop confidence. All sorts of groups or companies can hire Base Zero mobile rock climbing units. It's a great team building activity, and is a major hit with kids!

One thing that Base Zero has struggled with with their previous websites in the past has been the non-user friendly system and lack of support. They love how Bloomtools gives them the knowledge and guidance they need to be able to maximise a lot of the website themselves.

The team at Bloomtools Gold Coast, take their website clients through training sessions to help them understand what their website can do, and how to do it. This is our way of empowering business owners to understand and take control of something that may often be looked at as complex and unfamiliar. Whenever Matt and the team at Base Zero need help with their website, they know they can give us a ring and we will be more than happy to help.

The team at Base Zero takes advantage of their database marketing quite frequently by sending out email campaigns on a regular basis. This helps them market to new customers and keep in touch with current customers which facilitates referrals and encourages them back again. They update their clients with new specials, ideas from recent events and also new services they offer.

One of the main objectives of the Base Zero website is to make it easy for prospective customers to find/contact them. With that objective in mind, we've made sure there are numerous ways of contacting Base Zero on their website. It is always a good idea to give potential customers various options when it comes to getting in contact. We've also made sure that they are all visible and easy to understand. The Base Zero website is also search engine optimised (SEO) which helps Google and users find their website easily when searched.

We've recently updated the Base Zero mobile website as well, which enables them to personalise the experience and content on the smaller device to increase the results it achieves. As it is becoming increasingly popular for people to use their mobiles when researching, and can be very frustrating when the website is not mobile friendly. Base Zero has done a great job of updating their mobile website to reflect the easy-to-use desktop version.

What makes the Base Zero website so great, is that it really reflects the enthusiasm of the Base Zero team. They love to climb, and they want to share their enthusiasm with their clients. They have a video, testimonials, product and service features, and a lot resources to give their  customers all the information they need to fall in love with climbing like they have. They want to help the communities they service build confidence and resiliency by pursuing a fun yet challenging activity like rock climbing!
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Website client raves about our Central Coast Bloomtools office

Posted by Tracey Voyce
March 2016
Website client raves about our Central Coast Bloomtools office

One of our offices, got such a rave review in an email from a very happy website client Award Pools Group who build and renovate some of the best pools around Sydney - we decided to just share it with you, as it came.

14th March 2016

To whom this may concern,
Award Pools Group has relied upon its website for the past 15 years to produce all of our work.  It would produce approximately 30% of our work,  the rest of our work is referral.  We have no other form of advertising.

The original designer of Award Pools Group engaged some 15 years ago did a fantastic job as the internet was somewhat in its infant stage and Award Pools Group achieved a great result.

Sadly the person that designed the Award Pools Group website and managed it back then passed away, since then Award Pools Group had engaged no less than 3 different companies to design and manage the website.

Unfortunately on all 3 occasions the results were not achieved and there was no doubt that the 30% of work income was eroded.

Yvette Zocher from Bloomtools, North Sydney Central Coast office,   was recommended to Award Pools Group via a friend. We meet with Yvette and immediately felt we were dealing with a professional whom was very understanding towards our needs and caring towards the outcome.

We entered into an agreement with Bloomtools and had numerous meetings to redesign our entire website.

During all of these meetings Yvette was nothing short of professional and all of her ideas were backed up by obviously a lot of experience. 

We completed our website with Yvette and it has now gone live and we have also completed the training in updating of our website.  The fact that we can now go in and change our website is vital in our line of work because our site is so visual and the pools we build change all the time. 

This is just fantastic and means that we are in complete control of our site and we no longer rely on others to come to the office and ask what our needs are and then changing things and prolonging the process.

In a nut shell we can have a pool photographed today and have it on our website that afternoon. 

All I can say is we are 100% happy with the overall outcome.

I have no hesitation in recommending Bloomtools to any company that wants to achieve a high level website which will no doubt create the results they require.

Yours Faithfully

Brad Baxter

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"Since Bloomtools we're unable to meet demand!"

Posted by Tracey Voyce
October 2015
"Since Bloomtools we're unable to meet demand!"

Paul, owner of Border Skip Bins has a business success story we're excited to share.

He wasn't sure why he needed a website, as he was just a small one man band local business - but decided to take the plunge and have an online presence with a Bloomtools website and our Search Engine Marketing services (SEM / Adwords). And he's never looked back. 

"If you told me I would have to cut back on advertising because we were generating so much business we couldn't keep up, I would have laughed," 

"But now that's exactly what we're doing," said Paul.

"I used to advertise in local newsletters, Yellow pages, but we had to stop that because my Bloomtools website and SEM services is delivering me so much business.  On top of that, it has helped me extend my business where I am now able to buy another truck and increase my prices because I am not unable to meet the demand."

Paul often turns up at Bloomtools  with gifts because he is so grateful for the massive increase in revenue, customers, demand and online traffic that his professional online presence has brought him.

Call your local Bloomtools Consultant now to have a chat about what we can do for your business. 

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"My website paid for itself 3 times over within one month

Posted by Tracey Voyce
September 2015
"My website paid for itself 3 times over within one month

"I expected a website of this standard to be out of reach for my budget"

Christine Mann, Principal of HR Stepping Stones wasn't sure if she needed a website, but decided to go for it. What did she have to lose?

Turns out nothing, but everything to gain.

Christine has just landed a new contract that paid for her website 3 times over within the first month and will provide her with enough work for 12 months, because of her website. They said, "we saw your website and knew you were professional."

HR Stepping Stones is a people management service, "Our passion is helping clients align their business success to their people management success using business fundamentals."

"We pride ourselves on delivering a professional and personalised service with a friendly approach based on honesty and integrity."

She offers both in house and external mentoring and coaching.

This reveals just how important it is to have a strong online presence, portraying you and your brand with a professional and complimentary image. Connect to more people than ever with a Bloomtools website.

"Paul Price from Bloomtools made the venture into a website a pain free and a positive process. The finished product far surpassed my expectations. I expected a website of this standard to be out of reach for my budget, but I was astounded at how affordable it was. It is definitely my biggest asset within my business," Christine said. 

Check our her great website here.

Contact your local Bloomtools Internet Consultant now to see what we can do for your business to get you raving about your success like Christine. 

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