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Free Client Workshop: How to get your website on page one of Google

Posted by Tracey Voyce
October 2017
Free Client Workshop: How to get your website on page one of Google

This one-hour online workshop will be the best investment of your time this year, for your business.  At the end, you will clearly understand how you get found on Google and the simple steps you can action to be noticed.

This is an actual workshop where you will leave knowing what to do next. You will learn the strategies that you can implement yourself immediately, that work!

We hear regularly from our clients -  that there is so much information out there, how do you know what is out of date, what really works and most of all how to decipher it so you it is simple to understand the why, what and how?  BOOK YOUR SEAT NOW

You will walk away knowing:

  • How Google determines which website they will list higher than others
  • How you can simply enhance your presence, and stand out above your competitors
  • The number one major activity you can do regularly on your website, to be noticed more
  • The top locations your business needs to be listed on, to help increase your search position
  • Tricks that get you noticed more than your competitors
  • How you know it is working
  • SEO vs SEM (AdWords) - When should you do both, or just one?  And why?
  • Following this online workshop, we will make it even easier for you - with the best checklist to keep all attendees on the right path after the workshop.

Obviously you can pay us to do some of this for you, however, we find that the majority of our clients want to do this themselves, so they understand it, can control and can continually grow this area.

Whether you have recently just launched your website, or have been around for a long time.  You will gain value from this short one hour workshop.

Register for the workshop now

Date:  Wednesday, 1st November
Time:  12 noon (QLD time)
Location:  Online
Duration:  1 hour
Phone enquiries: 1300 399 399

Question: How is this different to what you have already done for us on SEO?

The initial service we do for you enables Google to know what your website is about when they initially scan your website.  These strategies taught during this online workshop will take your website to the next level.

Question: Can you please just do this for me?

Of course we can! Just call us so we can discuss with you about what we can do for your business, based on your industry, competitiveness, and what you are needing, to work out your investment in these services.

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Test out our new integration with a 7 day free trial

Posted by Tracey Voyce
June 2015
Test out our new integration with a 7 day free trial

Bloomtools and OneSaas partnered to bring customers a seamless and wonderfully efficient way of doing business.

Are you a Bloomtools client with a shopping cart? Or an online ecommerce business looking for something bigger and better? We have your solution.

OneSaas is an integration service, they act as a hub for all the business systems you use including accounting, ecommerce, CRM, email marketing and fulfilment software. Through partnering with Bloomtools this integration capability is combined with Bloomtools software.

Integrate your accounts, sales, email marketing and more. No more copying data over from one system to another. Save time, resources and energy with our latest partnership.

You can get a 7 day free trail to ensure the service works correctly with your current business systems, policies and procedures. What do you have to lose?

But imagine what you could gain...

Call your local Bloomtools Consultant to learn more about this, or check out the OneSaas website to sign up now.



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Let Us Write Your Blog Content For You

Posted by Tracey Voyce
June 2015
Let Us Write Your Blog Content For You

You know it, we know it - the best way to get more people to your website, convert more leads and be picked up and ranked higher by search engines is content.

We all also know that even though you know this, time is an issue... and often stops you doing what you know you should be doing. But not anymore!

Bloomtools has an affordable Content Writing Service to assist our clients in writing their blogs/articles for them each month.  We consult with you over the topics, produce 2 blog entries for you each month and put them into your back end ( for you.  So all you need to do each month is to simply select a blog and make it live on your website.

This gives you the chance to have relevant and regular content on your website, stand out from the crowd, connect with more of your website visitors, improve your search engine visibility and save you time!

It also positions you within your market as someone with credibility and knowledge - providing up to date tips and updates on topics related to your audience builds your credibility, trustworthiness and loyalty.

This service is available for only $385 + GST  per month, for a minimum 6 months. Talk to your Bloomtools Consultant now to help you get greater results from your online presence - the easy way!


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ECommerce - Where is it going in 2015?

Posted by Tracey Voyce
March 2015
ECommerce - Where is it going in 2015?
ECommerce is a rapidly growing industry, this is why we're giving you $800 off a Bloomtools shopping cart!* With the growth of the Internet and an increasingly time poor society online shopping fulfills everyone's desires - convenience, comparisons and immediacy from the comfort of home, on commute or during lunch break.

Here are some of the leading ECommerce trends, revealing where the future of online sales is headed:

Mobile Use

In 2014 one third of ecommerce sales occurred on mobile devices. This stat reveals that mobile's contribution to total sales has skyrocketed by 175% since 2012.  

The last week in August 2014 was a big one for trends, it was the first time mobile and tablets overtook computer traffic to online stores. In a study of 100,000 online stores 40.3% of traffic came from mobile phones, 10% from tablets and just 49.7% from computers.

And now Google are recognising this, from April 21st 2015 Google will not rate your website as well in their mobile search engine results if it is not certified by Google.  Test your website here

Social Media

In 2014 ecommerce orders coming from social media grew a staggering 202%. Social Media is being used as a gateway to discovering products. Consumer word of mouth, social media profiles and advertising are proving to be increasingly effective.


Google has launched an 'Enhanced E Commerce' functionality across the Google Analytics platform. This will increase understanding of customer behaviour and the effectiveness of merchandising effort. Google says this new functionality allows for improved data collection, organisation and analysis, and activation of that data within E Commerce sites.

Higher Expectations

Consumers know that businesses have access to great tools to enhance the shopping experience. Therefore, it doesn't take much before a consumer moves on to the next competitor. You need to win them over with:

  • the speed and design of your website.
  • Easy to source the products they are after, and be inticed by other products they may desire.  
  • Reviews to give them peace of mind of what others have felt about you and the products.
  • Also made to feel comfortable with your return, privacy and security policies.
  • They then expect the shopping funnel to be streamlined, simple and include everything they need to make an informed decision - detailed description of the product, shipping costs, sizing etc.

The Bloomtools shopping cart has an endless list of benefits that meet all the needs of online shoppers!

Make sure your ECommerce site is ready to tackle the trends of 2015! Bloomtools is offering you $800 off a Bloomtools shopping cart to add to your new or existing Bloomtools website, call your local Bloomtools Consultant now.

*This promotion is available during March and April 2015 and is not available with any other offer, it can be implemented into any new or existing Bloomtools website.

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Top Website tips for Financial Planners: Online Webinar

Posted by Bloomtools
March 2015
Top Website tips for Financial Planners: Online Webinar

Do you want better results from your online presence? Don't miss this informative event. 

Find out how to increase the traffic to your website 

Simple, yet powerful strategies for Financial Planners that will drive qualified prospects to your website.

Convert more clients

Get the secrets to turning visitors to your website into red hot customers who are ready to do business with you.

Use your website to drive people back through your door

The internet is the most powerful tool for a Financial Planner, learn how to keep customers coming back time and time again and get them referring others. 


Venue: Online Webinar
Starting: 1:00 - 1.30 PM Tuesday 24th March 2015
Phone Enquiries: 07 3135 9430
Register Here: Register your spot here

Presenter: Tracey Voyce, an inspiring business leader who has a wealth of knowledge she's excited to share with you.

PS. If you cant wait till this event and you would like someone to give you some feedback or ideas on what you should be doing online, call our Internet Strategist Emma now on 07 3135 9430

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