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How to check your emails that you get from your website

Posted by Tracey Voyce
December 2016

Sometimes you need to check emails that are being sent to you through your website. The great news is they are all stored in

Simply log into the backend of your website, and click on your Form Builder tool.  This will show you all your forms you have in the system, and enables you to edit them but also view all 'Submissions' you have had to that particular form


Email Submissions


Then you simply, can view all of the emails and click on 'view email' to view the message sent.


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Introducing Bloomtools' new email editor

Posted by James Greig
February 2016
Introducing Bloomtools' new email editor
For anyone that has created an email campaign you would know how tricky it can be to make your email look great on all email programs and mobile phones. The development team has been working hard on how we can solve this challenge, and today we are pleased to announce that our new editor has been released and is available in your account today.

The new editor allows you to drag buttons, social media icons and more directly onto your template, and it will format it for you straight away.

Intoducing Layouts

We have introduced a concept called 'layouts', where we do most of the heavy lifting to make it easy to create great looking emails. You can choose from a range of pre-set layouts that can easily be changed to suit your needs.

More Flexibility

For each of the items on your template, you now have the ability to control things such as font size, borders, font colours, margins and much more giving you the finer controls that were lacking in the previous version of the editor.

Mobile Friendly

The new email editor automatically creates responsive email campaigns - making it easy to create emails that will look great on both your desktop computers and mobile devices and phones.

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Is your Facebook page up to date for business?

Posted by Tracey Voyce
November 2015

Facebook, like the entire Internet world, changes regularly due to new trends and technology. Is your business Facebook page up to date?

About Section

What is displayed in your 'About Section' is dependent on what category your business Facebook page is listed as. If it is listed as a 'local business' your about section will show your address and phone number. While the 'company' category will show your short description. 

This leaves you with two tasks, make sure your short description or contact details are entered and up to date and make sure the category you are listed under is the one suitable for your business. 

If your about section is showing "Add address", "Add phone number" or "Add description" you need to add these details, this isn't a good look - you're on Facebook to connect with your customers so ensure they have a means of connecting with you. 

Call to Action Button

There is a new option to add a Call to Action button next to your "like" button, e.g. our "contact us" button in the image below. This button can link to your website, email, youtube video - anything you desire. This provides another great opportunity to connect with your followers. 

Private Messaging

Making sure you allow your followers to privatley message you means that you can have a direct conversation with your existing or potential customers. It is also a great reputation management tool, as someone with a complaint has the option to privately message you instead of post it publicly. To enable this, select the 'allow message button' box under your general settings. It will reveal a "message" button like the one in the above image. 

Publishing Tools

The only way to stay engaging and current within your fans Facebook feed is to post regularly. Using Facebook's in built scheduling tool, or outside platforms like to automate your delivery from your Bloomtools blog can make posting a lot easier and more time friendly for you. 

These current updates will ensure your Facebook page is professional, updated and fan friendly. For more information see Social Media Examiner

Or contact your local Bloomtools Consultant for more tips and tricks to gettings your social media presence up to date. 

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Turn customers into raving fans with Personalised print cards - a new Bloomtools tool

Posted by James Greig
August 2015
Turn customers into raving fans with Personalised print cards - a new Bloomtools tool

We're excited to announce an entirely new tool - Personalised Print Cards.

You can now send beautiful physical cards to your clients on special dates, either as a trigger (like on a client's birthday) or a one-off campaign (like a Christmas card) within your Database Marketing account with Bloomtools. It is designed to help bridge the gap between the online world and the physical one.

It will help you to:

  • Build strong relationships with your clients,
  • Increasing their average spend,
  • Retaining clients for longer by decreasing customer churn

It works because:

  • It shows your customers that you care about them
  • It's leveraged because it uses the same database you use for your email marketing
  • You save time by setting up a single campaign for triggers such as birthdays, and the system will automatically know when to send a card to each of your customers.
  • It costs less than if you did it yourself.
  • You access it using the same login that you use for all your existing accounts
  • There are no upfront fees, you just pay a flat fee per card (of $3 AUD) which includes printing, handling and postage
  • You can upload your own signature and logo to make it really stand out

The card range is beautiful, with designs that cover:

  • Birthdays
  • Event Invites
  • Thank-you cards
  • Lapsed Customer Cards
  • Anniversary Cards
  • Plus many others

Check it out:

To have a look at the range and see how easy it is to send a campaign;

  • Login to your database marketing account
  • Click on Print Campaigns on the left, and
  • Then follow the wizard.

You can also read more about it and see what's available here. Contact your Internet Consultant to discuss the tool in more detail, and to answer any of your questions.


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Facebook's new features gaining you greater local awareness

Posted by Tracey Voyce
July 2015
Facebook's new features gaining you greater local awareness

Facebook's latest features allows business to gain greater local awareness. Through incorporating call to action's, geographical targeting and cost efficiencies Facebook is bring you a new and improved way to reach the potential clients near you. 

Call to Action's

You can now choose between a "Call Now" or "Get Directions" button to be placed on your add. When these buttons are pressed consumers will be directly taken to a phonecall or their Google Maps. This simplifies their process of getting in touch with you, increasing the chances of interactions with clear and simple call to action buttons. 

Targeted Audience

You can now target your ads to a specific audience, allowing you to reach those that are right by your business. 

Better for your Budget

You can select your own budget, and start spending less money by reaching more people in your area per dollar spent than with any other kind of advertising, including newspaper or direct mail. 

This new feature allows you to place ads on Facebook that will reach the highest number of consumers, within a targeted and local area, and with the least amount of expenditure. 

Read Facebook's article about it here or call your local Bloomtools Consultant to discuss your social media strategy. 

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