Want your clients to bloom?

We can help, but don't just take our word for it. Try our Online Strategy Workshop for free* and see for yourself. We're confident you'll want to share our workshop with everyone you know.

Here at Bloomtools Sydney Central, we specialise in providing all the tools a company needs to succeed online including Third Generation Websites, Database Marketing Tools, SEO and a CRM. We back this up with training for those who want to harness the Internet for their business.

In our workshops, you will:

  • Learn how businesses just like yours have taken advantage of online marketing to win new business, upsell and cross sell, and improve customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Learn how social media can improve customer communication for just about any business.
  • Learn how to clearly define the purpose and targets of your online strategy.
  • Create and refine ideas for promotion for your website and social pages.
  • Learn how to persuade website visitors to take action.
  • Understand the importance of automation and persistence in getting results.
  • Create a plan customised for your business that will get you started on an online strategy that will get results.

Everyone will walk away with a head full of great ideas and a one page starter plan that will ensure that their business starts blooming in 2012.

*Valued at $99 per person.

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