Tracey Voyce 

Expert Internet Specialist, who has been helping business owners get the most from the web for over 15 years.

Tracey Voyce has an extensive repertoire of business experience and skills coming from over three decades in the marketing, internet and business consulting industries. 

Tracey has owned a number of businesses, worked within the web industry since its beginning and spent a number of years as a business coach, and coaches coach.  All this experience is why Tracey is able to help business owners get more results from their online presence, and create some outstanding success stories.

Tracey has been with Bloomtools for over 10 years and over that time Bloomtools has blossomed to being one of the largest Internet Solutions companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Tracey is also very passionate about small businesses having access to quality online solutions. Since becoming involved in the internet industry Tracey has seen many business people taken advantage of, and given the wrong advice by sub-standard website developers, and as a result of this has become involved in Website Standards Association (WSA). WSA is a group run by Internet and Marketing experts that aim to educate web developers and business owners on the standards that all websites should meet.

Tracey is an excellent speaker and presenter.  Having presented at a number of international events on different areas of the Internet Tracey is a very enlightening and inspiring speaker.  Her passion for the Internet is evident and her experience and knowledge ensures that everyone in her audience learns something they can apply to their own business.