Bettaplan and Bloomtools

If you like being organised and getting results, you will love Bloomtools range of website development and Internet marketing tools.  Designed with time-saving and cost-effectiveness in mind, our tools help business owners create a powerful online presence for their business - get more customers, make more money and save more time.

Our tools include:

Third Generation Websites

A Bloomtools Third Generation website is the perfect online solution for small to medium businesses.  The Content Management System allows you to manage and update your website yourself whenever you like, without waiting or paying for us to do it.  It's user-friendly, streamlined and results-focused - everything a busy business person needs.

Database Marketing

Combine your  website with this database marketing system and you've got the most powerful business solution on the market!  Store all your contacts in the database, then build your relationships and increase sales with email newsletters, promotions, ecards, SMS messages and surveys.  The tool even includes an online events management system.

Search Engine Optimisation

Get your target market coming to your site from search engines with our unique search engine optimisation program.  With software developed in-house by our own team of experts, this software helps you make your website search engine friendly and builds your page rank with an effective backlinking strategy. 

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