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Tip: Plan your online strategy for the year

Posted by Bloomtools on 13 January 2019
As business owners, January is always a good time of the year for reflection on your business. This is also a good time to look at your online profile. To make it easier for you, we have created a checklist you can print out to tick the key elements that you are strong in or areas that you feel you should work on. Now you can write up a plan of action but for most, we know this is when it becomes too hard. So that is what this calendar/guide is about - to simplify it for you and put things ...

Tip: Stand out - Review your home page and overall website design

Posted by Bloomtools on 11 January 2019
As devices, technology and how people use the internet changes, so do the design trends to match these, as well as user experience (UX). Therefore a site designed 3 years ago can quickly look out of date. But why does this matter? Unfortunately, perception is a big decision maker on whether someone will go with your business vs. another. If a website looks out of date, guess what they will think of the business? The internet makes it really easy for people to compare businesses or pro...

Tip: Mobile Friendly - Is your website fully mobile compliant

Posted by Bloomtools on 10 January 2019
Technology has progressed over time and so has the increase in viewership on mobile devices for your websites. For most clients we are seeing in excess of 57% of their site visitors viewing the website on a mobile device. If your website does not work well on all devices, people will instantly leave and go somewhere else. If that is not enough incentive to change, last year Google is now ranking sites that are mobile responsive before websites that are not - 'Google Mobile First...

Tip: Drive Traffic - Send a promotional email to your clients

Posted by Bloomtools on 9 January 2019
Every business owner knows they tend to spend more time focusing on trying to attract new clients than they do working with their existing clients. Did you know it is extremely easy, more cost effective and profitable to make more money from an existing client (to buy more, more frequently and refer others), than it is trying to attract and convert a new prospect into being a client? Despite the multitude of newer digital marketing options, email marketing is still one of the most effe...

Tip: Content is King - Create a case study

Posted by Bloomtools on 8 January 2019
We have already covered the importance of content to help improve your ranking on Google in previous months, but more importantly it adds credibility to your website to create the point of difference, help convert more leads into clients and more. One of the most effective strategies we have found for clients has been to write up some case studies. These may be of real clients, broken into industries, or for those who are client sensitive you can also use a fictitious client. Both opti...
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