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Tip: Google My Business - Get more reviews

Posted by Bloomtools on 30 June 2019
Google My Business reviews appear clearly on Google search results and are essential for your local SEO, but more importantly it is one of the most powerful ways of promoting confidence and trust in your business. In fact 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So how do you get more reviews? Know where your reviews are at. Do a search for your business name and your location and your Google My Business listing should appear. There you will be ab...

Tip: Competition - Review what they are up to

Posted by Bloomtools on 1 June 2019
The internet has levelled the playing field for so many businesses now that a small company can compete with bigger companies. But it also makes it easy to see what your competitors are doing, and this is something you should review at least every six months. What can you find out? List your competitors: Write a list of who you feel are your major competitors Put into Google search box some of the keywords and phrases you want to be found on + your locat...

Tip: Google's Indexing - Improve your rankings by checking your on-page factors

Posted by Bloomtools on 30 April 2019
Google reviews your website via a Google Bot, a computerised engine that runs over the code of your website to find out what the website is about. In order for Google to rank you for the key words and phrases you need to make sure these are strategically placed throughout your website. The first step is to write a list of common words and phrases that a potential client will type in when looking for your business, as well as your products or services. Test some of these words in Googl...

Tip: Drive Traffic - Boost your traffic with the Bloomtools complete checklist

Posted by Bloomtools on 30 March 2019
If you want more clients in your business then you will be looking at implementing strategies to attract more clients. Now there are a number of channels for this. One being your website, so here is a list of 17 strategies you could apply to your business to drive more people to your website. There's also one extremely important strategy at the end that will help you encourage this traffic to take action... Advertise

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Tip: Content is King - Create a page answering common question

Posted by Bloomtools on 1 March 2019
Google loves websites that have ever growing content and so do your prospective clients. Content creates a point of difference for your business and shows off your expertise. Now you can write about new products, services, helpful tips, case studies on clients with a challenge and how you helped them, etc. But one of the most powerful things you can write about is the common questions your clients have about your business, industry and what you do... Because guess what - that is wh...