Car Rental Company Web Design Case Study

Learn how this car rental company built a professional online presence to generate more leads and streamline key processes.

As the new owner of this car rental company, Dale was keen to overhaul many aspects of the business.  One of the first things he wanted to change was their current brochure website to make it more professional, easier to update and focused on lead generation.

He also wanted to use the internet to add value for repeat clients and send out special offers. Bloomtools built Dale an online solution that achieved all this and more.

Stage 1 - Website presence

While Dale's business isn't on the same level as the large national car rental companies, he wanted his website to look as streamlined and professional as theirs - rather than the outdated, tacky websites of his direct competitors.  The Bloomtools designers achieved his vision perfectly, with a clean, modern and bright design, aimed at attracting holidaying families.

The main purpose of the website is to generate leads so the website had a user-friendly 'Request a Quote' form to send the request through to the sales team.  To drive visitors to the quote form, the designers built a large eye-catching button into the header of the website which links directly through to the form.

The website also makes great use of the promo boxes tool to persuade customers to take action.  One of the boxes has different specials on rotatation, and nother highlights their main point of difference - no hidden fees.  The website also has a Frequently Asked Questions sections to inform and build trust with potential customers to encourage them to take action.

Stage 2 - Driving traffic to the website

Dale was aware that most people use search engines to find businesses online, so he engaged the Bloomtools SEO team to get his website to page one on Google.  The team gave some recommendations to make the content more search engine friendly are now working on building keyword-rich backlinks to the website.

The Bloomtools SEO team advised Dale that lots of fresh content on the website will also help with the optimisation, so Dale's team write regular 'travel tips' articles and add a new one to the website each week.  They also submit the articles to several article websites to get even more links back to the website.

Dale is also setting up lots of online advertising for the car rental company, such as listings in online business directories and on travel websites.  He is also building alliances with other businesses targeting a similar market (eg. local hotels and resorts) and advertised on their websites and email newsletters to drive traffic to his website. 

Stage 3 - Regular communication

To build his database, Dale has a free ebook of family day trips available for download on the website.  Everyone that signs up is automatically added to his database to receive the ebook, as well as a monthly email newsletter with special offers and some of the travel tips articles from the website.

They also send a monthly newsletters to their VIPs (repeat customers).  It has mostly the same content as the main newsletter but is tweaked slightly to make the VIP customers feel like they are receiving something exclusive.  With the 'copy campaign' functionalty in Ezy Communicator, they copy the main newsletter in a few clicks, make the changes for VIPs and send it in just minutes.

Dale has also used the Ezy Communicator to add more marketing touches to the sales process to build the relationship with customers.  He uses the SMS marketing tool to send a text message to the customer the day before their rental to remind them of the office address and the pick up time.  He also sends a survey a week after they return the car to get some valuable feedback.  Both of these strategies are automated so they get sent every day by the system with no effort from Dale.

Tools Used


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