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Email Marketing Webinar - Learn why many of our clients rave about Email Marketing - the strategies, the results, and (for current users) the new additional features.
Current Users of the Bloomtools Ezy Communicator (Database Marketing Solution). This is a must see Webinar, to view the latest major enhancements to the Product, as well as hear strategies that are getting results for clients, to inspire you so you can maximise the use of this solution for your business.
Not a user of Bloomtools Ezy Communicator (Database Marketing Solution). Email marketing is one product all businesses should have. It adds so much value to a business, including:

  • Building trust, and encouraging people who come to your website and don't act to take the next step with you.
  • Increasing your businesses leads
  • Existing clients: Making them feel you care; Encouraging repeat business
  • Increasing referrals
  • and more

And best of all, many of the multiple campaigns you can set up in this product, can be set up once and just left to automatically happen for you.  Saving you time as well as achieving results.

If you want to know how great it is (yes I know we are biased, yet all the positive comments we hear from our clients we know this to be true), then book into this webinar to see how simple it is to use, the many facets of this one product, and strategies to get results.
p.s. You might even get a free trial of the product if you attend this webinar

Your first time, at a webinar?
Don't worry it is simple to do, we will send you the details on how you can simply click on a link and watch the webinar on your own computer. To hear the webinar, you can either listen through your computers speakers, or headset (recommended), or simply phone a number we give you to listen to it over the phone. And if you miss anything, the whole seminar is recorded for watching later on.

Venue:At your computer
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Who Should Attend:

Business Owners, sales and marketing professionals and Managers who are serious about learning strategies to improve their customer relationships and profitability in their business.