Flash Header

Get more customers by promoting your professional brand image and your products in a Flash header on your website.

Improve the branding of your business and attract the attention of your site visitors with a simple flash header appearing at the top of each page of your website. This header is created by our experienced team of Flash and graphic designers.

With the Bloomtools Flash Header, you can choose anything from simple animations of your logo to a sequence of several images to promote your brand and products. Use the Flash Header to grab attention of your customers and to make your site stylish and memorable.

What your business can do with the Flash Header:

  • Engage users – use interesting images featuring your target market to attract the attention of customers

  • Get more customers – promote your products and their benefits in your Flash Header to attract new customers

  • Present a professional brand – Flash Headers add sophistication and creativity to your site which will make you stand out from your competition