Flash Introduction

Improve your branding and make your site more engaging with an animated Flash Introduction page to your website.

A flash introduction is a quick 10-40 second animation that appears when a customer first comes to your website. They are used to create an impact each time someone enters the site.

The Bloomtools Flash Introduction allows you to choose your own images, text and music for the animation which our experienced designers will use to create a professional, engaging introduction. Our software even ensures that your search engine ranking is not affected by the Flash page. Use this tool to promote your brand and to attract new customers.

What your business can do with the Flash Introduction:

  • Showcase your products – use your introduction to immediately show your customers what you do and why you are so good at it

  • Capture attention – immediately catch your customers when they arrive on your website and entice them to continue on into the site

  • Present your brand – our creative introductions will feature your business branding and make you look professional

  • Get more customers – promote your products and their benefits on your introduction page to attract new customers