Module 8a - Understanding Search Engine Optimisation


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Understanding SEO

What is Search Engine Optimisation?: Work undertaken on a website to make the site content more persuasive to website visitors.
SEO seeks to improve the number and quality of the visitors to a website from "natural" search results.
Placement of website links on a number of different unrelated sites.
The optimisation of paid sponsored links in a Search Engine's search results.
What is a reasonable timeframe to expect to see benefits / increases in traffic as a result of SEO?: Results wont happen overnight. The client should expect to continue with SEO for 4 to 6 months to start seeing improvements and benefits.
Results will occur straight away, once a client signs up for SEO.
Why should SEO form part of every businesses online strategy?: SEO is optional. If a client has a good product they don't need to do any SEO.
SEO is crucial, as Search Engines are responsible for a large majority of website traffic.
Which method of SEO do we use to improve our rankings?: White Hat techniques. These methods are outlined as best practice for SEO.
Black Hat techniques. These methods are blacklisted and are frowned upon by Search Engines.
What On-Page factors do we aim to work on to improve our rankings?: Keyword placement as well as good quality, regularly updated site content.
Lots of advertising space on our website, to demonstrate we are an information source.
Lots of bold text, inconsistent content and lack of keywords.
What Off-Page factors do we aim to work on to improve our rankings?: Building quality, contextual inbound links to a site.
Sponsored ad placements on external sites.
What is the best method of building in-bound links to our site?: Ask suppliers, clients etc. Have websites review your business, product or service. Submit site manually to online directories.
Buy thousands of links from third party spam sites.
Why are contextual links important?: 
What does our SEO Services product include: 
What is the key objective and inclusions of the SEO Services Initial Assessment: 
What is the key objective and inclusions of the monthly component for the SEO Services product?: