Module 8b - Social Media and Content Syndication


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Content Syndication

In your own words, describe what Content Syndication is: 
Describe how Content Syndication fits into the strategy we are offering our clients, as part of The Five P's: 
Why should we recommend creating content to our clients?: 
Describe some of the integration options clients have available to them via The Web Console: 
Select some of the ways clients can subscribe to our content externally to the website.: RSS, Facebook, Twitter, other third party sources.
Bookmarking the site.
Visiting the Homepage regularly.
What is the name of the third party Facebook Application that is used to feed RSS content to our Facebook pages?: 
What are some methods for putting our site in front of Facebook users that are following our content externally?: 
How do we sync content out to our Twitter followers?: Manually tweet and link back to our content.
Use the 'Post to Twitter' functionality from within The Web Console.
Rely on our Twitter followers stumbling on our website to access this content.