60% of new businesses will close in the first 3 years due to lack of strategy execution

Research has shown that the leading causes of failure include:

  • Not being clear on the  'Why, What and How' on starting a business - high passion & poor purpose

  • Not doing enough market and competitor research - ineffective marketing efforts

  • Not getting enough paying customers - poor cash-flow

  • Not being able to stand out from the crowd - not being noticed

  • Not getting help quicker - trying to do everything yourself

business mission and vision

Wherever you are in your business journey, you can avoid being another statistic

In just 2 hours, you will gain key insights into the fundamental skills needed to ensure business success

In this valuable session, you will learn the critical 'how to' actions that you can implement immediately in your business

This is not just a talk fest - you will learn the proven 5 Must Have Skills that makes the difference between success and failure

must have business skills

The 5 Must Have Skills to Ensure Business Success

Skill #1 - Mindset & Clarity

How committed are you to building a BUSINESS and not just working on a HOBBY?

What is your BIG WHY?

Skill #2 - Marketing

How will YOU stand-out from the crowd?

What makes you think you are different?

Skill #3 - Lead Generation

Do you know how & where to find consistent paying customers?

A great idea with no customers is NOT a business!

Skill #4 - Selling (yourself/products/services)

Do you believe you can sell?

Getting out and making it happen

Skill #5 - Identifying the Pitfalls

You don't know what you don't know

Ignorance is not an option

The difference between success and failure is YOU - so give yourself the best chance of success

Your investment - $39 (inc GST) & your time


22 February 2020

You will hear from successful professionals who are specialists in their fields of business

Raj Nathoo

Keystone Business Advisory

With over 25 years' experience as a professional coach, facilitator and practioner, Raj's mission is to bring the out the inner greatness within people so they can be their best.  Raj is a firm believer that all you need to achieve greatness and success in any area of your life is a strong belief in yourself, determination and the willpower to make it happen.

Specifically, Raj has helped numerous business owners in their journey to achieve new heights in success through;

  • increasing personal and professional performance
  • increasing motivation and engagement
  • building the right mindset and clarity for success
  • strategies for increasing sales and attracting referrals
  • leading and managing change

Having worked with owners, managers and staff, Raj understands the stresses and indecisions that entrepreneurs face in their desire to grow their business and deliver a positive return on their investment.

Raj will show you clear, concise and actionable steps that result in positive growth for your personal & professional development and your finances.

Rita Morar

Keystone Business Advisory

Rita is a Business Growth and Performance Specialist.  She has helped and facilitated clients to implement time-tested and proven strategies to improve performance and accelerate growth faster than they had imagined.  For a vast range of businesses, Rita has implemented cost-effective, operational strategies that has resulted in savings of more than 35% in their operational costs; better management of their people; improved productivity; improved bottom-line and clarity in their business strategy and decision making.

She engages with her clients in such a way that immediately builds a relationship of trust, knowledge and dependability.  Rita does not believe in a 'one size fits all' approach for her clients rather, each business and person is unique in that the challenges they face will have differing impacts on their lives.  Rita will show you how to identify the root cause behind your challenges and the right strategies to overcome them.

Bob Singh - Internet & Digital Marketing Specialist


With over 25 years' experience in the corporate world in marketing & marketing strategy, business development, sales management, key client management and communications, Bob is an experienced digital marketing specialist who will show you how you can not only reach your target clients, yet also convert them into qualified leads providing you with a solid pipeline of potential customers.

Marketing, particularly digital marketing is much more than merely having an online presence through a website or social channels.  In order for digital marketing to work for you, it must be a well structured and purposeful strategy.

Bob will cut through all the techno jargon and give you practical steps that you can implement on your own.