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Product Catalogue Categories

Catalogue Categories

The catalogue is organised by individual pages or categories. To create a new category, fill out the details for the 'add category' form. To create 'Sub Categories' add a new category and select which existing category it should appear under from the drop down menu.

Editing Category Items

To add a new item to a category, select 'View', then fill out the 'Add a new item to this category' form. If you leave out fields, they will not be displayed on the website.

In this section, you can also edit the 'Category Details'. Fill out this form to change details of the category such as the name of the category, the text that will appear on that page, which category it will appear under, the width the images will appear on that page, and the item template.

Item Templates...
To add, remove and edit images from a catalogue category, click on 'view' in the category you are interested in. You can modify individual items by clicking on 'view' for the item that you want to change.

On this page you can change the main image for this item. Once you have uploaded your main image you can either edit the image by selecting the pencil icon, or delete the image by selecting the trash can. You can also allocate an order number and price if applicable. A description and key features tab will also appear on the catalogue page when viewed, however if there is no information under these headings, they will not appear on the site.

To add additional images to the catalogue item, use the browse feature to navigate to the image.

To add additional links to this page, fill out the 'Additional Links' section at the bottom of the page. It is possible to add multiple links, these will appear at the top of the catalogue.

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