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Product Catalogue Items

Catalogue Items

The catalogue items section is where you view, add and edit all your catalogue products.

To add an item click on the blue button Add Item.

When you edit or add an item you will be taken to a page where you add or edit all the details for that item. Below are all the fields that you can populate with an explanation of each one:

  • Item Code: This is a code for inventory purposes, this code is also shown on the website.
  • Heading: This is the heading that is shown on the website.
  • Price: This is the price of the item.
  • Visibility: Choose whether you want the item to show on the website or not.
  • Categories: Categorize your item into one or many categories.
  • Main Image: This will be the main image of the item shown on the website.
  • Other Images: You can add additional images to the item.
  • Page Title: Page title is used by search engines, this will show in the tab of the browser.
  • Meta Description: The meta description tag is a hidden HTML tag that allows some search engines to display a description of your site in search results.
  • Short Description: Add a short description of the item that will show on the right side of the item on the website.
  • Description: A longer description of the product that will show at the bottom of the item on the website.
  • Key Features: List all the features the product has.
  • Related Items: You can choose to display other items related to this item.

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