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Changing your Blog commenting settings and moderators

Your Blog Manager allows people to make comments on your posts using their Facebook account. You have a certain degree of flexibility regarding this.

To change commenting settings on your Blog:

  1. Click on the Blog tab with you are logged into your website account.
  2. Click on the Settings tab. 
  3. Choose whether or not to Show a Post Snippet. If Yes, in the Snippet Length field, you can enter how many characters will be displayed for each blog post in the blog list.
  4. In the Posts per page field, you can enter how many blog posts will be displayed per page in your blog list.
  5. In the Commenting field, you can choose to disable commenting completely by selecting 'No Commenting'. Or you can choose to enable commenting by selecting either 'On-Site Commenting' or 'Facebook Commenting'.
  6. If you choose Facebook Commenting, click on Manage Facebook Settings. This is where you will add the administrators who will manage the Facebook commenting on your blog.
  7. We are now going to take you away from thewebconsole for a little while so we can obtain the information we need to make you a blog administrator. Open a new tab in your browser and go to www.facebook.com
  8. Login to Facebook, then click on Profile in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  9. Look at the URL bar. It will have an address that looks something like https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=683867531. The numbers highlighted in bold are your Facebook ID. Copy this ID. If you have a vanity URL, this may actually be something like id=yourname. In either case, copy whatever comes after the = as you will be needing this.  Please ensure that this is the id of the person administrating rather than the id of the business page itself.
  10. Go back to thewebconsole.
  11. The Facebook Settings popup window should still be visible. Where it says Facebook ID, paste the id you copied in step 7.
  12. If you wish to have many administrators, change Additional Facebook Administrators to 'Yes'. Repeat the process of logging into their Facebook accounts, getting their id, and paste that id into the Facebook Administrator IDs field, seperating each with a comma only (no space). Note: It may take several days for your id to be recognised as an administrator due to Facebook's caching.
  13. When you have finished adding all your Administrators, click Save.
  14. Choose the Number of Posts that can be made. This is essentially the number of Facebook comments that can be made about a blog post.
  15. Choose the Width of the commenting area. This should be the same width as the Blog itself for the best appearance.
  16. Choose the Colour Scheme of the commenting area. You can choose between Light and Dark.
  17. Feedburner RSS - if you wish to use Feedburner for RSS, choose 'Yes'. It will allow you to place your Feedburner URL here, which will be displayed on the front end with your blog posts.
  18. Click Save Blog Settings.

You have now successfully changed your Blog commenting settings. You can come back to this section at any stage to make further changes.

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