Article Library

Save more time by managing all your articles in one place and get more customers by displaying them on your website.

This software allows you to manage all the articles that you write for your website.  This tool includes a listing page on your website that all your articles can appear on, or just articles from selected categories.

Benefits of articles

  • Appear to be the expert in your field by writing interesting articles that relate to what you are selling. Clients are more likely to purchase from you and you can charge more, if they believe that you are an expert.
  • Draw more traffic - In order to generate traffic from search engines, a very important strategy is to use keywords in your copy that your target market is likely to be searching for. Articles allow you to create copy with your keywords, so that you are more likely to come up in an Internet search.
  • Articles are re-usable within email marketing - another strategy to draw traffic to your website is to send out email marketing to your database. You offer a teaser of an interesting article and then get the client to click on 'read more...' to read the rest of the article. This of course takes them to your website, giving them the opportunity to browse your other products.
  • Clients spend more time on your site - The article system is designed to keep clients on your website longer by encouraging them to read other articles that you have written.

Product Features

The article listing software takes any articles you have created within the email marketing software and places them on your website in a way that makes them easy for clients to browse through and read.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds allow you to alert users when you have added new content to your website. User can do this by subscribing to your feed through a news reader, or website can display your feed on their websites where users are directed to your website when they click on the "read more" link.

The article listing software automatically creates an RSS feed for you.


Digg is a community based popularity website where news and other articles are submitted by users, and then promoted to the front page through a user-based ranking system. The article listing software allows you to submit your articles to digg so that they will attract more traffic to your website.

Articles are a great way to position your business as an expert and to increase the traffic on your website.  Our article listing software makes it simple to manage these articles, and the automatically generated RSS feed and Digg submission increase their effectiveness .

Example: Playground Articles

Note: This product does not include an articles box built into the website design.