Database Marketing

Every business needs a streamlined customer communication system.  Our Database Marketing tool will help your company get more sales, save money and time, and turn existing customers into raving fans with email and SMS marketing.

At a glance...

Send targeted email campaigns
Professional email templates
Send bulk SMS messages
Store unlimited contacts
Segment contacts into groups
In-built Spam Law compliance
Surveys with real-time results
Online event sign up and payment
Extensive reporting and statistics
Same login as 3G website

Marketing to a database of your prospects and existing customers can be a goldmine of new sales and repeat purchases - isn't it time your company took advantage of this?

Most small to medium businesses haven't even heard of database marketing, so you will have a significant advantage over your competitors when you start using Database Marketing. You will be amazed at the many ways you can improve your communication and build your brand using the suite of tools, plus the tangible results you will get - more website traffic, more sales and more time!


What are the benefits your company will get with Database Marketing?

  • More sales - database marketing is a great way to drive prospects back to your website to get them to buy, and also great for staying in touch with existing clients to turn them into raving fans that buy from you more often and refer their friends
  • Happy customers - use email and SMS marketing to add extra personalised touches to the sales process and your after sales service to show your customers you value them and increase their loyalty to your business
  • Streamlined communication - the bulk and automated email functionality in the Database Marketing system enables you to plan out and schedule your customer communications in advance, which removes the hassle and means you can set and forget!
  • Reduced costs - your marketing costs will be reduced by emailing your promotions rather than posting, and your administration costs will be cut by using emails for common questions, reminders etc so you can spend more time on your core business
  • Test and measure - every business needs to know what results they are getting from their marketing and this is simple with our Database Marketing system, as you can constantly tweak and measure your marketing to ensure optimum performance

About Database Marketing

Contact Management

Your business needs one central database with all your prospects, past customers, current customers, suppliers, alliances and other stakeholders stored in it - this is a marketing goldmine! The database management tool enables you to have multiple groups of contacts within your database and store different information on each of them, from standard fields like first name and email address, to custom fields such as pricing level and comments from last meeting.  From here, you can use the other tools in the suite to communicate with these groups and strengthen your relationships with them.

Email Marketing

Recent studies have indicated that email marketing has a return on investment of around $45 for every $1 spent - so your business really needs to be maximising this tool.  You can use email marketing for many types of communication, such as newsletters, special offers and promotions, welcome letters, quotes, reminders and much more.  This system also offers great targeting functionality to easily send your campaigns to different segments of your database, plus scheduling functionality that allows you to automate emails to send on specific dates and times or based on triggers.  The possibilities for using email marketing in your business really are unlimited and the benefits are amazing.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is becoming a popular way for businesses to communicate with their contacts and is widely accepted in our mobile savvy world.  SMS is great for quick or time-specific messages, such as reminders prior to an event or sale, coupons to bring in store or birthday wishes.  It's also great for adding extra 'touches' in the sales process to build the relationship with your clients.  The SMS tool allows you to easily create, schedule and send personalised and targeted messages to your database, with an automated unsubscribe function to ensure you comply with spam laws.  Your business will find many uses for this simple, cost-effective communication method to get more customers and save on administration time.

Event Management

Events such as seminars, product launches or VIP nights can be great for generating leads and sales, but often too expensive and time-consuming to organise.  The Event Management tool helps remove some of this hassle to make events a more viable option for small businesses.  With this tool you can set up the event on your website to take online registrations and even online payment, plus it automatically creates registration lists and name tags to save you even more time.  You can also use the Email Marketing tool to promote the event to your database, minimising the costs of printed invitations.

Survey Tool

Feedback is invaluable for your business - do you have any strategies in place to capture this?  With the Survey tool you can set up multiple surveys to gather information such as pre-meeting questionnaires and after sales feedback for your customers, or even performance evaluations for your staff. You can use our templates or personalise your own surveys and the system automatically collates and graphs the results for you.  You can even use the Email Marketing tool to automate your surveys to send out on certain dates or based on actions (such as buying a product) so you have to set it up once.

Article Library

Articles are great for providing information to your website visitors and for building up your website with fresh, keyword rich content for search engine optimisation.  The Article Library enables you to easily create articles, sort them by category and share them with your audience.  With the click of a button, you can add your articles into your email newsletter with a 'Read More' link to get readers to click through to your website, and if you purchase the Article Listing tool you can have all your articles displayed on your website too.  Plus the Article Library integrates with Twitter so you can tick a box and tweet your articles as well.


If you aren't measuring the results of your marketing, how do you know if it's working?  The Reporting functionality in this system gives you detailed graphs and statistics on your online marketing activities, including open rates, unsubscribes, click throughs and more.  This enables you to tweak your campaigns and compare the results to find out what your target audience prefers and ensure they get value from your marketing.  This knowledge can be very powerful - well-planned marketing strategies can generate huge results for your business!

Specific Features

Contact Management Standard Inclusions Options  
Unlimited contacts Yes    
Custom fields Yes    
Organise contacts into subscription groups Yes    
Create registration forms Yes    
Manage unsubscribes Yes    
Import contacts Yes    
Manage subscription group unsubscribes Yes    
Export to Excel Yes    
Automatic bounce handling Yes    
Email Marketing      
Email personalisation Yes    
Forward to a friend Yes    
Local Spam Act compliant Yes    
Organise campaigns into folders Yes    
Individual email spam reports Yes    
Trigger based emails Yes    
Easy to create and send Yes    
Archive old campaigns Yes    
Target contacts with sophisticated filters Yes    
Automatically publish newsletters to your website Yes    
Create auto-responders Yes    
Support for Sender ID Yes    
Open and click tracking Yes    
Full activity for each subscriber Yes    
View bounces Yes    
Add contacts to groups based on their actions Yes    
Bandwidth usage report Yes    
Opens over time Yes    
Compare campaign results Yes    
Web Surveys      
Start from scratch or use our templates Yes    
Organise questions into pages Yes    
Select from answer templates Yes    
Collect, multi and single text answers Yes    
Customise the look and feel Yes    
Collates results in real-time Yes    
Export results into Excel Yes    
Add respondents to email campaigns Yes    
Browse individual responses Yes    
Easy archiving of old surveys Yes    
Skip question logic Yes    
Email notifications of responses Yes    
Matrix style questions Yes    
Collection limits Yes    
Events Manager Yes    
Receive payments for tickets Yes Click here for a full list - some payment gateways require an SSL certificate, and all have their own fees and charges  
Create multiple ticket types Yes    
Collect individual information on attendees Yes    
Events display on your website Possible Only if you have the Events Listing Tool  
Maximum attendance per ticket type Yes    
Events can re-occur Yes    
Autoresponders for attendees Yes    
Bulk SMS Marketing      
Unsubscribe functionality Yes    
Meets local Spam laws Yes    
Personalise messages Yes    
Schedule campaigns Yes    
Contacts can reply back to you Yes    
Article Library      
RSS feeds for articles Yes    
Automatically add individual articles to your website Yes    
Include articles in your emails Yes    
Articles display on your website Possible Only if you have the Article Listing software  

Note: If any functionality you need is not listed here, it is not included as a feature in this product.  You will need to discuss this with your consultant.