Use entertaining or educational quizzes on your website to get more customers and increase your site traffic.

A quiz is a great way to interact with your customers to entertain them, to keep them on your site or to educate them to buy more of your products.

With the Bloomtools Quizzes tool you can quickly and easily create multiple quizzes for your website.  Your quizzes can be single answer or multiple choice and when users have finshed the quiz, their score is calculated and they are given comments.  Use this tool to make your website more interesting and to inform your customers.

What your business can do with the Quizzes tool:

  • Engage customers - capture their attention with quizzes and update your quizzes often to get them coming back on a regular basis
  • Be the expert - make your quizzes interesting and informative and your customers will look to you as the expert in your field
  • Get more customers - use quizzes to educate users about the benefits of your products and to cross-sell to them