Bloomtools | Why Franchise with bloomtools

Why Franchise with Bloomtools?

11 reasons why buying a Bloomtools Internet franchise will be a great investment for you

  1. Bloomtools HQ builds all the technology for you so you can focus on your clients

    You don't need any technical or graphic design skills, because we build all the websites and tools for your clients. This means you can focus on meeting your client's needs and building your business.

  2. You get to sell high quality, reliable products that exceed international standards and are constantly updated and improved

    Our award-winning team of Software Architects develop all our tools in-house so they are the highest possible quality and always meet the international standards of Website Standards Association and World Wide Web Consortium.
  3. The market for websites and Internet marketing is booming

    The owners of the hundreds of thousands of small to medium businesses in Australia now realise that an online presence is essential for the success of their business, so your Bloomtools franchise will never have a shortage of customers.
  4. Receive ongoing residual income from all clients throughout the year

    You will earn money from the initial website and tools you sell to your clients. You will also receive a substantial monthly payment from your clients that covers their hosting and ongoing support, which ensures your business is always making money and adds resale value to your business.
  5. Streamlined online business administration system to manage your clients, projects and finances

    Your business will run smoothly with the Bloomtools system. Manage your clients, projects, invoices, quotes and orders in one simple to use system that links directly to Bloomtools HQ.
  6. Ability to start small then grow into a large business with premises and staff

    We want you to be comfortable, so we give you option of either operating from an actual office with a shopfront or from your own small office. Most Franchisees will start with a home office and then grow their business to include sales and support staff in a specially designed Bloomtools office.
  7. Bloomtools is a well-established, professional brand with a desire to grow and lead the world

    While we haven't always had the same name, our business, team and products have been around for many years. Bloomtools is a strong brand based on solid products and an experienced team. Our vision is to lead the world in the website development and Internet marketing industry.
  8. Learn from the experts at Bloomtools HQ with initial and ongoing training and business coaching

    All franchisees are given extensive initial training on all areas of business, including customer relationships management, sales, marketing and Bloomtools products. This is followed up with ongoing coaching from our team of business and Internet experts.
  9. Bloomtools has a successful track record with a network of resellers

    We have been selling our products through a network of resellers for several years, so we have lots of experience with this business model. We also understand the importance of providing excellent support and training to all Franchisees.
  10. Be in business for yourself but not by yourself

    Have a healthy balance between work and lifestyle because you get to manage your own time. We are a hard-working business and we expect our Franchisees to work hard too, but we also believe in having time for family, friends and fun.
  11. Bloomtools has an elite team of Support Technicians, Project Managers and Marketers, dedicated to the success of your business

    We have a great team of award-winning, experienced people that are all experts in their fields. Each and every one of these people will work hard every day to provide everything your business needs to succeed.