How to get on page one of Google - Online workshop

This one-hour online client workshop will be the best investment of your time you have done for your business this year.  After this one workshop, you will clearly understand how you get your business found on Google and the simple steps you can easily action to be noticed.

This is an actual workshop where you will leave knowing what to do next. You will learn the strategies that you can implement yourself, that work! 

We hear this regularly, that there is so much information out there... how do you know what is out of date, what really works and most of all how to decipher it make it simple to know the why, what and how?

You will walk away with knowing:

  • How Google determines which website they will list higher than others
  • How you can simply enhance your presence, and stand out above your competitors
  • The number one major activity you can do regularly on your website, to be noticed more
  • The Top locations you need be listed on off your website, to help your placement go higher
  • Tricks that get you noticed more than your competitors
  • How you know it is working
  • SEO vs SEM (AdWords) - When should you do both, or just one?  And why

At the end, for all attendees that complete the online workshop, we will make it even easier for you - we will give you the best checklist to keep you on the right path after the workshop.  

Obviously you can pay us to do this for you, however, we find that the majority of our clients want to do this themselves, so they understand it, can control it and can continually grow this area.

Whether you have recently just launched your website, or have been around for a long time.  You will gain lots of value from this workshop.

Venue: online webinar
Starting: 12:00 PM
Tuesday 11th April 2017
Ending: 1:00 PM
Phone Enquiries: 1300 399 399

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