Membership Management

If you run a chamber, networking group, gym or any other association that requires membership, then this is an essential webinar for you. Learn how technology can make your life easier, save you money and make your membership more effective and efficient.

The key word for this webinar is STREAMLINE where leverage, automation and technology work their magic to really make a massive difference to your membership management, communication and more.

You will learn:

  • How to sign up new members online, quickly and easily
  • Moderate new members
  • Have a series of automated email and SMS go out to your new members welcoming them
  • Automate reminders for payment as well as take their payments weekly, monthly and annually
  • Have a way to display members details (the parts you want to show) that they can simply and easily update themselves
  • Have a simple way to communicate to members
  • Keep records of your communications, their activities and more
  • Invite members to events where they can instantly sign up and pay online
  • And much, much more