Here are the links to the tools we took you through:









Action: Record the task (remember to keep it bite size around 5 mins max) - I used Loom.  To improve the end result, get the person doing the recording to answer the questions in the template eg.  Who to contact if you have an issue and how you should contact them.

Action: Copy the transcript into ChatGPT

Prompt:  Turn the following transcript into a concise SOP using the template I will upload for you.   

Action: upload the transcript - in the prompt above

Prompt:  Turn the above transcript into a concise SOP using the below template. Use headings and bullet points. Aim to use less headings for steps and more bullet points. The headings for steps are similar to phases of a project, so they should be grouped together when they are part of a similar stage of the process. Use verbs for the start of the headings.  Using Australian English (no slang).

Here is the SOP Template Structure:

# Summary

Give a brief summary of what what the SOP is

Starts when: what triggers this system?

Estimated time to complete: How long should this take to complete for someone that’s done this before but they aren’t an expert?

# Outcome

The end result of completing this process.

# Why It’s Important

A short sentence or two about why this is important. Start with “The process to XXX is important because...”

# What You Need

List the things they would need access to, such as passwords, files, etc.

# Video

Link to video showing the process being completed (using a tool such as Loom):

# Additional Resources

Include additional resources such as guides, checklists and scripts needed to complete this system to a high standard.

# The Steps

List the steps here in the format of:

## 1 - Main Step 1

List any sub steps here as 1.1, 1.2 etc

## 2 - Main Step 2

List any sub steps here as bullet points

## 3 - Main Step 3

List any sub steps here as bullet points

# What Done Looks Like

Image / video of the finished product.

Well done! Now get up and have a stretch.

# If You Have A Problem

Who to contact if you have an issue and how you should contact them.

# Additional Notes

Any supporting or additional notes here as bullet points

Website Content

Prompt: Write website content aimed at the specified target market: [Australian Residential home owners]. Use the tone: [friendly, persuasive]. The content should include headings and subheading elements and be approximately [850] words long. Focus on the following keywords: [Split Systems, Gold Coast, Ducted Air, TheWebplayground Air Con company, air con cleaning]. And use the following action that we want the reader to take [Call us now]. Expand on the following text: