Find out how Bloomtools is getting involved in the community to help make a positive difference.

Bloomtools is a great supporter of the environment and the community.  Our business philosophy is based on the idea of 'rolling our sleeves up and getting our hands dirty to get the job done', and we do this by participating in community events and sponsoring not-for-profit organisations.

Charities we support

Daniel Morecombe - keeping kids safe - The Foundation's key role in the community is the education of all children about their personal safety. 

Bravehearts Royal Commission - Bravehearts' key purpose is to educate, empower and protect Australian kids from sexual assault.

Volunteering Gold Coast - A not-for-profit community organisation and the peak body for volunteering on the Gold Coast that recruits and refers volunteers into positions within other not-for-profit community organisations.

The Ashintosh Foundation - This is the charity arm of UQMS, a health promotion charity that supports a series of great initiatives including the Teddy Bear Hospital, The Queensland Medical Orchestra, and Grant program, and runs a series of events .

Business Clean Up Australia Day

In support of Business Clean Up Australia Day, the Bloomtools team spend an afternoon picking up rubbish at a local lake to give back to the community.

Bloomtools Managing Director James Greig said, "We decided to go out and physically participate in this event rather than just donate money because we felt it would be more useful".

"Our local community has supported us a lot, so we wanted to show our appreciation by getting our hands dirty to help the environment," he said.

"We picked up several kilograms of rubbish, so we feel like we really made a difference and the team had fun, so it was a great day," said James.