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Whether you need one piece of your marketing puzzle solved, or you're looking for a partner who can do it all - Bloomtools has the solution.

Marketing has evolved so greatly over the last decade and every year your competition, the technology you're using, and the strategies that work change rapidly too.

Bloomtools has a large team of specialists covering all spectrums of the marketing mix so we are able to guide our clients on the best direction and strategy required to make your marketing work for you.

Bloomtools | Digital Marketing Plans and Analysis

Market Plans & Analysis

By understanding your business goals, target markets, competition, SWOTs and other key elements, we are able to use a variety of tools and analysis to identify where you currently are in the market and highlight and strategise some potential areas of opportunity.

By combining research based on facts and statistics, our team of specialists use their skills and experience to produce a high level integrated marketing plan where mediums and strategies leverage off each other to deliver greater results.


It is an integral objective for any business to be found on Google. Our team are able to analyse your current status, compare your competitors, and establish strategies to improve your organic (free listing) ranking on Google.

For some clients this may be a bi-annual review and tidy up; for others in a more competitive industry we can manage the growth in this area, constantly monitoring, maintaining and building the profile of your online presence.

Bloomtools | Search Engine Optimisation
Bloomtools | Professional Content Writing Service

Content Writing

Content marketing is all about writing and distributing via multiple channels regular and relevant content that stimulates interest with your target audience.

Google also loves constantly evolving websites, and new and useful content is the best way to make your site valuable to them and your target market.

From a well written website to specialised landing pages that help make your business stand out above your competitors, our content encourages people to want to take action and engage with your business. Our content writing services can include:

  • Producing content for your website that engages your audience
  • Writing specific articles to show off your expertise and further assist adding value to your customers, as well as improve your sales conversions
  • Compiling teasers in multiple social media channels to drive more traffic to your business and website
  • Creating effective email campaigns and more

Email Marketing

Utilise the power of the most cost-effective marketing strategy that still delivers results. Whether you are using it to build loyalty and add value to your existing clients to keep them longer, buying more, more frequently, or using it as a lead-generating strategy, email marketing can deliver a very solid base of results for a business when based on a well thought out strategy. 

Our team can create an effective email marketing plan; help setup and train you on how to use the tool; and/or write, manage and deliver all of this for you.

Bloomtools | Email Marketing
Bloomtools | Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Our technology gives you the ability to create extremely effective streamlined processes that can save you money, overcome missed opportunities, and deliver greater results. These may be simple automated steps, to fully automated processes.  For example, an initial enquiry comes through your website and generates a lead in the system, which triggers an automated email to your prospect and creates a task for a team member to follow up, while also adding the contact into a sales CRM that enables you to manage that lead through to the conversion.

With the number of products and tools we have at our disposal, all working through one login, one system, and one database - the possibilities are endless.

Website Build & Management

Building a website that meets your objectives, target market and allows you to stand out above your competitors is essential. Just as important is building a website to meet Google's ever-changing standards which also complements your marketing. If all the forms of marketing you're using aren't working in unison together and with your website, your results can be majorly hindered. 

As your marketing evolves and we learn more about your target audience and market (the kinds of keywords/phrases they're searching, what exactly they're looking for, what phrases generate more engagement, what you can provide that your competitors currently are not), we work with you to update and edit your website to incorporate these insights. This is important as to not only make your website a more powerful conversion tool, it is also about leveraging knowledge across multiple areas of marketing to reduce costs and amplify the results.

Bloomtools | Website Design and Management
Bloomtools | Online Advertising

Paid Advertising

There are many different forms of paid advertising available and determining which medium and strategies will work for you will depend on your market, what you are selling, what your competition is doing etc. Our team of individual specialists work on the advertising mix that will deliver the best results, constantly analysing and improving, and adding new campaigns and initiatives on a monthly basis to continually grow the results you achieve.

Whether it be search engine and PPC advertising (where you appear when your buyers are specifically looking for your kind of product or service), remarketing / retargeting (where you can encourage a potential customer to return after they have expressed interest in you), or social media marketing (where you target individuals based on their profile and interests to convince them to take action), Bloomtools have the answer for you.

Regular Reporting

No matter which singular or mix of services Bloomtools provide you, the figures are what we (and you) base our success on. Every month you will receive a detailed custom report for your service on the tasks and activities we have actioned and the KPI (key performance indicators) on how they are tracking so you are able to follow the progress of your marketing in delivering your ROI (return on investment).

Bloomtools | Marketing Reporting

Whether you need us to simply guide you and your team, carry out one piece of the marketing mix, or be your dedicated team of marketing specialists for the price of one individual, Bloomtools can tailor a solution to meet your business needs and budget today.

Our goal is simple:  Partner with our clients, to deliver a leveraged and profitalbe marketing strategy that will drive measurable growth in their business.

Talk to your Bloomtools consultant today, to find out what could work for your unique business, market and budget to help grow your business.