Website and Online Marketing White Label, Reseller Opportunity

Say good-bye to the hassles you get from referring business to others, hiring teams, offshore developers, and labour intensive software - get the best results for your clients, keep the control, with out the pain and costs.

Now you can make more money selling online solutions - websites, email marketing, CRM, Internet Marketing  and WhiteLabel both yours and your clients backend to your own brand.

Along with a complete business management system that enables you to manage your clients, your sales, project management, your invoicing all within one transparent, leveraged system - Saving you time, energy and overcoming a lot of digital agency business challenges.


You Sell - We Build - You Profit

Outstanding Quality Platform

Bloomtools | Digital Marketing Agency Australia

Feature rich, reliable, and super easy for you and clients to use

No Design or Dev. Staff Needed

Bloomtools | Digital Marketing Agency Australia

We can do all your design, and development for you.

Reliable, Robust Secure Hosting Infrastructure

Bloomtools | Digital Marketing Agency Australia

Hosted in mulitple faciities in Australia and US, fully redundant, secure and reliable.

Profitable Sales and Residual Incomes

Bloomtools | Digital Marketing Agency Australia

Add healthy margins to your set ups and create an ongoing revenue stream in your business.

Proven Reseller / White-Label Model

Bloomtools | Digital Marketing Agency Australia

Bloomtools is your opportunity to grow and build your own web empire all branded under your name.

Rewarding Growing Business

Bloomtools | Digital Marketing Agency Australia

Be able to focus more on helping your customers get real results, with less time on the tools.

Tools to run your entire business

Bloomtools | Digital Marketing Agency Australia

Our admin system covers everything from CRM, to quoting, invoicing and project management.

Regular Software Updates Done For You

Bloomtools | Digital Marketing Agency Australia

Enjoy the SaaS model.  Where we keep all the technology up to date for you.

One Website Email CRM solution

Feature Rich Client Solution

All the tools within one system, no plugins, multiple developers interfaces.  Enabling you to deliver a reliable online solution that helps the client get results, in one system that is easy to use and can evolve over time. 

The options for clients are varied, so they can just have a website or email marketing system, or do the full solution managing their clients complete lifecycle to improve their results.

This model is set up to compliment your current business offerings to add even more value to your clients and get them better results.

Website Builder | Website Design | Website Developer | Website Platform | Bloomtools

World-class product suite

Bloomtools is a single platform for managing a clients entire customer lifecycle, with everything they need to get more leads, make more sales and save time.

  • Cloud-based product with ongoing updates (SaaS) - so no annoying challenges with new devices, OS, and plugins
  • One login and database for everything
  • Rebranded under your own brand
  • Simple and easy for both you and your client to use
  • Drag and Drop responsive editor
  • Able to grow and expand as you and your clients business grows
Website Builder | Website Design | Website Developer | Website Platform | Bloomtools

Tools to run your entire business

We provide our Resellers with tools to manage every aspect of their business, including a complete administration system to access all your clients with CRM, quoting, invoicing and project management in one package.

  • Focus less on administration and more on growth
  • Proprietary project management software built to deliver quality solutions
Website Builder | Website Design | Website Developer | Website Platform | Bloomtools

High margins and residual income

Earn income by making sales to new and existing customers, from the ongoing usage of the tools, and by even having your own resellers.

  • Multiple streams of income
  • Residual ongoing income
  • Build up your business to sell
  • Ability to add your products and services to the mix in the same system
Website Builder | Website Design | Website Developer | Website Platform | Bloomtools

Ongoing support and training

As a Bloomtools Reseller you become part of our team, and we are 100% committed to your success. To this end, we offer our Resellers a range of support and training services, including:

  • Initial Online Training (series of modules)
  • Online / Phone Support when you need it
  • Extensive Knowledge Base

Find out more

As a Bloomtools reseller you generate your own clients and sell our products to them (as well as your own if you have them).  You liaise with the client to assess their needs, then work with HQ to develop their online solution.  You are responsible for populating the content on their site, training them and providing ongoing support.

It is highly recommended that the reseller has a Bloomtools website.  This makes you more credible because you are using what you are selling and also helps to improve your knowledge of the tools.  Plus, many of the dynamically driven parts of your business administration systems link in with your website, including quoting and the knowledgebase.  The setting up of your website, is a part of your training and also included in the Reseller Fee.

Resellers are taught one on one how to use the business management solution and how to use the tools and product offerings.  You will use the set up of your own website as hands on training to cement the knowledge around the tools and services. This training is included in your reseller fee.

Once you sign a confidentiality agreement, we will give you detailed information on wholesale pricing.  

No your clients will not know about your relationship with Bloomtools.  Everything is rebranded as yours including the Content Management System, your quotes and emails, and even the footer that appears on your client's website so they will never see anything with Bloomtools branding on it.

Firstly, you need to have a current client base that you can sell our products to - ideally an existing business that you can add a website design service to.  Secondly, you need to be willing to put in the effort to build your business as we have minimum sales targets that our resellers need to meet in order to remain in the program.  Also, it's important that you share the same passion for the internet and business values that we do.

There are a couple of options for resellers when it comes to billing your clients.  We can create your invoices for you automatically for new orders and monthly service fees, or you can do it yourself. Either way the payment goes straight into your account and you pay us the wholesale fees.

The reseller is responsible for providing ongoing technical support to the client, so it is important that you have a wide knowledge of the internet and technology.  Any challenges that you cannot resolve on your own you can contact the elite support team at HQ and they will give you an answer to pass onto your client.  No one from HQ ever liaises with your clients so you are fully responsible for their ongoing support.

Yes, because our software is proprietary and therefore hosted in our own environment.  This is good for your client because it is a sophisticated, fully redundant hosting environment and they also get all our free software upgrades automatically.

You have complete control over your retail pricing so you can set is as high or as low as you like.  Our wholesale pricing will always remain constant so remember and you will have to pay that no matter what your RRP is.

As a Bloomtools reseller, you can sell you clients a large variety of products and services including website design (with a lot of add on tools), database marketing, search engine optimisation, Google and Social Advertising and a wide range of website add-on tools.

There are many reasons why our reseller program is the best available:

  • World class tools that are completely integrated - only system of it's kind where all tools work together and can be accessed with one login, including your business administration area.
  • Generous wholesale pricing - we charge you a very reasonable rate and you can set your own RRP prices to make a healthy profit.
  • Complete business administration system - you also get access to this amazing tools for managing every aspect of your business from client to projects to accounts.
  • Comprehensive training and on call support from a reliable and established company with an experienced Australian based elite team

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