Case Study - Law Firm

Written on the 17 November 2020

This Law firm wanted to refresh and update their old website as it was out of date and they were not attracting many leads or sales through their website. They also wanted to make their new website more credible, clearly demonstrating their strengths, and areas of speciality. And to utilise the power of the online tools to educate their clients to help improve repeat business and facilitate referrals.


Lead Generation: This Law Firm needed their website search engine optimised to improve their rankings and attract more leads.  As this was a highly competitive industry (i.e. A lot of their competitors were utilising Search Engine Optimisation service) to get ranked high in the search engines, they would need extra help.  They also wanted to be able to capture details of potential new clients that came to the website, that didn't act. Interactivity - They wanted to make their website interactive so that they could educate and engage with their clients.  They also needed it to become their clients first point of call for legislation changes, expert advice, success stories as well as keeping their clients informed on any new information within the organisation.Branding - The firm was well-known but in order to compete with other law firms, they really needed a fresh website to build their brand, promote their success stories and highlight their point of difference.


Hold regular seminars They decided to hold regular seminars every month. By having the seminars they could educate new and existing clients (and their friends they invited), so they were perceived as the experts. It also enabled them to collect new contacts to add to their database and created positive publicity and awareness for their firm. This also set them apart from other law firms as they were seen as being a proactive legal firm who was interested in helping their clients more.Product: Event Manager

Improve their instant attraction: They wanted to showcase their business and what they had to offer to visitors as soon as they arrived on their website. In order to attract attention and tell their story quickly and effectively, they had an professional website designer create a unique and attractive 3G website based on their target audience and branding. The designer also incorporated a Banner that images changed on each page in the website to improve branding, create an impact and clearly demonstrate their range of services and points of difference. Clients love the new website as it is now more up-to-date and they can easily navigate throughout the website.

Product:  3G Website

Capture potential clients details Since they wanted to capture the details of prospects that came to their website and did nothing, they added in some free downloadable reports.  These reports were attractive to the specific target markets, and they were prepared to give up their name and email address to get the report.  Once added to the database (automatically) they set up some trigger campaigns (set up once, automatically get sent out as soon as some one enters in their details) to build up trust, and encourage them to act.Product:Newsletter Sign-up Form

Add credibility The Law Firm wanted to add credibility to their website and business, since the nature of their business requires them to show transparency and honesty. To achieve this they added the Testimonial Manager to their website. The Testimonial Manager helped to showcase the extent of the work that the lawyers had done as well as reinforcing their point of difference as a few of the same key messages are mentioned in the testimonials.

Products:Testimonial Manager

Driving Traffic The Law Firm implemented a search engine optimisation program to help their site appear high up in the organic search results. They also optimised the rest of their site for more keyword-rich content and to make sure his business had a strong presence in the search engines for each of their sub niche target markets. As well as listing their business in multiple online directories to ensure a steady stream if traffic to their website

Products: Search Engine Optimisation

Educate Clients To make their website more informative and share their knowledge with their clients, the firm created a Article Library on their website. They regularly wrote and added new articles to their website about legislation changes and any news within the legal sector. This assisted their search engine ranking in Google by updating their content and repeating keywords. This was a different approach to their competitors, highlighting an area of difference that clients perceived them as the expert which inturn helped build a stronger relationship.  The headlines of each of these articles, appeared within their design of their website to further enhance their credibility.

Product: Article Listing

Implemented a online survey In order to uncover any potential problems or concerns before they escalated, the Law Firm decided to send out an online survey to their clients about the service they received. The client could answer honestly about how they were feeling and it gave the firm a really useful insight into their valued clients. The feedback from the survey enabled them to expand their services as they realised the potential business opportunities of additional services they could provide.  This is extremely important because this meant extra revenue they could potentially earn. The survey tool allowed them to create a professional surveys in minutes, email it to their database instantly and were able to view the results in real time.

Products: Survey Tool

The Law Firm used the following tools:

3G Website

Database Marketing Platform

Article Listing

Survey Tool

Search Engine Optimisation

Testimonials Manager

Newsletter sign-up form