Client Spotlight - Pave World

Written on the 9 June 2010

Pave World is a family run, father and son business that was established in 1994 out of a shared vision to set up a business that covered all your landscaping and building requirements as well as installation services - all in the one location. Over the years as Pave World grew they expanded their business to Campbellfield, Greensborough and Mordialloc.

Pave World did have a website, however it was not easy to update and didn't achieve measurable results.

Some of the Challenges with their old website were:

  • Complex and difficult to display and upload products and information.
  • Was too expensive
  • The backend was hard to operate
  • Was not Search Engine Optimised (SEO)
  • Looked clunky and hard to navigate
  • Could not find and track statistics (website hits, unique visitors)

How their new Bloomtools website helped overcome those challenges

Pave World are really pleased with the outcome of their new website and were surprised at how reasonable the cost was, compared to their old website. The design and presentation of their new website has a professional look and feel about it which quickly and efficiently attracts their target market and gets their message across - for example, it is clear the products and services they offer.

When asked what their biggest challenges were with their old website, Pave World stated, "the biggest frustration was trying to upload or change content, it was complex and time intensive. Now thanks to Bloomtools tools my new website is easy to update,  I can add new information, products and specials online instantly and anyone of my staff members (I have given access too) can easily access the backend and make the necessary changes. As a business owner I am pleased I can change things within my website instantly instead of always calling someone, which I had to do with my old website. I can now also roll out a weekend special on the Friday afternoon and all our database and staff receive it instantly. Where as our old website took at least a week to set up and distribute information", said Wade the General Manager from Pave World.

Objectives of the new website

  • To be seen as a modern business with a large variety of products
  • Increase our sales by being able to post news and specials instantly
  • Display products in a logical manner
  • Build relationships with our clients so we get repeat business
  • Be found within the first few pages within Search Engines 

Results since having the website

Their biggest success has been getting their specials online thanks to the promo box tool. The promo boxes have been very useful as they provide their prospects with an incentive to act (call to action).  They are easy to use, extremely effective, and can be changed to appear on rotation or on specific pages to increase their effectiveness.

Thanks to the Database Marketing tool they are able to receive leads (through the sign up form on their website), gather feedback from their customers easily (surveys) and keep in regular communication with their past clients to build up the loyalty and repeat business.

Feedback from Pave Worlds regular clients have said that is great that they can jump online, easily navigate and get what they want instantly. Within very short time frame of launching their new website, they went to the top listing on the first page of Google.

Since Pave World have had their new website, they have been drawing lots of traffic.  Although early days, it is a great increase on what they were acheiving. Now their current traffic sources are through Referral sites at 26%, Search engines at 33% and Direct traffic at 39%. These great results have occurred since they have identified specific keywords relating to their services and implemented a search engine optimisation program.

The product catalogue and photo gallery tools have made it easier for their clients to find what they are looking for as well as give them many ideas and examples on how they could use the products. One of their other favourite tools has been the newsletter sign up form. The newsletter sign up form enables them to capture prospects details (the many warm prospects that go to their website and do nothing) and use that information to send out instant personalised messages to build up the trust, and encourage them back to our website, or one of our stores.

Where do you see your business heading now that you have a Bloomtools website? Key lessons learnt?

With this new website (launched April this year), the main area we want to focus on is utilising the power of the database/email marketing tool more effectively.  So we can increase our customer loyalty, revenue and referrals through this medium to our business. Also we want to review our reports and statistics to ensure we are always testing and measuring to improve our results online.

Pave World already have a Facebook fan page and are slowly building their fan base. However they are planning on getting more involved with social media in the future to help increase awareness, build customer relationships and utilise the power of viral marketing.

When asked what were their key lessons learnt were -  Pave World found that it was important to do your homework and look at what is available. "There are many web development companies but you need one that has leading edge tools that are is easy to update, that work together enabling you maximise the results you get online. For example in our case, to drive more people to our website, increase the results  we got from our web presence, and to communicate effectively with your clients. Bloomtools covers all those areas!"

Products Used

  • 3G Website
  • Flash Header
  • Newsletter Sign-up form
  • Product Catalog
  • Promo Areas
  • Photo Gallery Software
  • Testimonials
  • Ezy Communicator - Database Marketing