Client Spotlight - Small Business Works

Written on the 17 November 2020

At Small Business Works, we provide financial planning advice to a wide range of clients from business owners to wage earners and young families as well as those nearing or already retired. With our Accounting practice working side by side with our Financial Planning practice we are able to assist clients with more complex financial needs and structures.


Not only was our old website a very ugly design it also represented us incorrectly to our clients. The layout of our old website was also very confusing, not search engine optimised and brought us no leads. It did not have a testimonial tool, so each time we had a new testimonial we had to contact our website provider. We also were not able to display and edit articles ourselves. Finally our website was not generating any revenue, hence being an expense instead of an investment working for us.


Before Bloomtools our old website gave us 0 sales, 0 contacts and only 20 visitors a month. Since we have been with Bloomtools we now get about 500 visitors a month and quite a considerable amount of contacts and our sales have increased by 100% thanks to the search engine optimisation program we have in place.

If you want to draw more traffic to your website and start getting better results online, you need to be optimising your website. Bloomtools use the latest techniques and their own tried and tested SEO methodology to help you achieve this. Another great way for us to get leads is the newsletter signup tool. This is a great tool as potential clients are able to enter in their details to receive the latest news, updates, useful tips and advice. In turn we are then able to use their details to promote our services to them.

Thanks to Bloomtools our website now stands out from the crowd, they have created for us a unique professional design that incorporates functionality and attention to detail. Bloomtools 3rd Generation Websites are designed as a living, growing, dynamic online solution. Since our website is hosted by Bloomtools , using their software, every time they make an upgrade to their software, we get it for free, so we always have the latest technology.

The article library is another tool that we find very useful. With this tool we are able to upload articles on useful tips, industry news and advice. By providing all these articles free of charge, potential clients will in turn realise that we are knowledgeable in our area of business and genuine in our approach to help educate new and existing clients.

The Testimonial Manager is a very important tool especially in our industry. Therefore within our website we have a dedicated page to all our testimonials. Testimonials are important to us because they help our potential customer build trust in us and help to establish and promote credibility. Testimonials can also have a positive effect on the potential customers purchasing decision by improving conversions. Furthermore potential clients feel less skeptical about purchasing our services when they see "good" feedback from previous buyers. Without the Bloomtools Testimonial Manager this would not be possible.

In the future we hope to use more of the SMS Campaign tool and the Event Manager tool. We hope to use more of the Event Manager tool so we can hold seminars and maybe webinars in the future. The Event Manager tool manages all aspects of events including dates, attendance, online registration and online payment. Suiting everything from a simple team meeting to a large corporate event. We are also looking to become more active in Social Media. Especially since Social Media is becoming more and more a integral part of business. We do have our own Facebook and Twitter account however we need to update our content more frequently, use the features Bloomtools have to integrate content with our social media presences and incorporate Social Media more into our business.

Products Used

3G Website Design
Search Engine Optimisation Program
Newsletter Signup
Article Library
Testimonial Manager
SMS Campaigns
Event Manager