Database Marketing brings in results for Exhibitek

Written on the 13 August 2010

We (Exhibitek Display) are a Queensland based, Australian owned portable display  business, servicing clients Australia wide. Whether you are going to a trade show or exhibition, shopping centre promotion, conducting seminars, requiring in-house or foyer displays we have the experience and the products to meet your needs. We specialise in providing Quick & Easy? retractable banners, Rolltek? scrolling banners, portable panel display systems, Exhibitor? pop-up systems, exhibitor desks and promotional tables and portable brochure holders; anything required for a trade show.

Those who do not use or have the Bloomtools Database Marketing system, do not know what they are missing out on! Not only is the Database Marketing system so inexpensive, it also cuts communication cost and marketing budgets. Our marketing budget has dropped by 60% and we are still continuing to save and generate revenue.

Not only is the Database Marketing system very easy to use but it is also very efficient. You do not have to be 'tech savvy' to use it! It simplifies your business communications and is a great tool to really maximise the Internet for your business.

Our favourite tool would have to be the survey tool. Every time we sign up a new client we send them a survey to complete. This gives the client a opportunity to voice their opinion and give us back some feedback. some of the feedback we have had over the past has helped generate extra business and bring in new clients. We are also able to produce testimonials from some of the survey responses.

We are currently in the process of giving our website a revamp and love how we don't need to rebuild the website with Bloomtools. Our biggest success with our current website has been getting our specials online instantly and easily, thanks to the promo box tool. The promo boxes have been very useful as they provide our prospects with an incentive to act (call to action). They are easy to use, extremely effective, and can be changed to appear on rotation or on specific pages to increase their effectiveness. We have a response rate of 70% for our 'Special Offers and Product Info' promo box.

The article library is another useful tool.  We use this tool to make our website more informative, share our knowledge and to give our clients tips on how to best use our products. By using the article library it sets us apart from our competitors and helps build a stronger relationship with our clients. Furthermore by regularly updating our content, adding new articles and repeating key words assists in our search engine ranking on Google.

Another tool that we use alot is the Contact Management tool. The Contact management tool allows you to store any details on your past and present customers, prospects, alliances, suppliers and other stakeholders in a central place. This system helps us keep our database up to date and makes it simple for us to engage in email and SMS marketing to grow our business. With the Contact Management tool we are able to add our clients to chosen groups for more effective marketing and use this system to engage with our contacts to help build business loyalty and increase sales.

Sending out Email Campaigns is a great tool for building relationships with your current clients and attracting new leads because it's instant, personalised, directly linked to your website and it positions your business as the expert. We use Email Campaigns for our newsletters, after sales follow ups, welcome letters, updates and special offers. Furthermore we can schedule the email campaigns to go whenever we want and just leave it. With our email campaigns we get about 25% opened which is quite a good figure compared to some of the larger corporations that only get about 5%.

I would recommend to anyone to use the Bloomtools Database Marketing system, once you try it - you won't go back!