Five Strategies that will improve your business online

Written on the 1 February 2012

Want to kick start your business in 2012?

Join Tracey Voyce, expert business advisor and Internet professional, as she takes you through her five simple strategies that are helping businesses, like yours, get better results from their online presence allowing them to save money on marketing, streamline their business, get more customers, and get their existing customers to buy more, more frequently and refer others. This is an infomative webinar you'll walk away from feeling enthuasiastic and inspired. (This webinar is suited to thouse who have a web presence, but want to take it to the next level).  

You'll learn how to:

  •         Get more traffic visiting your website
  •         Keep people on your website longer
  •         Get visitors to take action on your website to turn them into leads
  •         Use the internet to assist you in increasing your sales and coversions
  •         Maximise on tools and strategies to help you keep your clients longer and, better still, encourage them to spend more with you.
  •         Save time by setting up automated processes that run all on their own.
  •         Plus much more.

(Duration 1.25 hours)

Blank Process Worksheet

Example Process Worksheet

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