Getting Database Marketing Right

Written on the 13 July 2010

The Internet is an integral part of business today we reach our customers through our websites, research other companies online and stay in contact with business associates using email. 86% of people use the internet to search for a business, product or service before they purchase. However most businesses are yet to tap into the real Internet goldmine Database Marketing.

Bloomtools Database Marketing System, the Ezy Communicator can help to cut communication costs and create raving fans for your business. Database Marketing, today is the number one form of business communication, it is an extremely simple and cost effective way to create leads and increase sales while reducing administration time and costs. If you could get extra sales with minimum time, wouldn't you do it!

The beauty of Database Marketing is that it is:

  • Instant you can send out a campaign and it can be received by your audience in minutes.
  • Personable mentioning a person's name, business name or location throughout your email gives the recipient the feeling that the message was written just for them and the response rate is greatly increased as the personalised message makes the recipient feel valued
  • Tested it is so easy and fast to test a campaign with a small test group prior to sending it out to the entire group. This gives you the opportunity to make changes to headings, subject lines and offers so they attract the attention of readers.
  • Measured you are able to get a general idea of how many, who and when your messages were opened. So in the future you know which ones to repeat and which ones need altering or deleting.
  • Targeted if you set up your database of contacts correctly, you will be able to pre-select specific audiences to receive specialised campaigns designed just for them.
  • Creative/Innovative it is now easy to produce some innovative campaigns that will put you streaks ahead of your competition. All this is done can be done with no specialised creative skills.
  • Viral the number one source of new business (referrals) can be facilitated with database marketing. At minimum, make sure a 'send to a friend' link is activated on your emails. This way, if your message is read and the reader knows someone else that would be interested in reading it, they can easily forward the message. Plus, this gives the new lead the opportunity to join your database.
  • Ever growing whether it is a form on your website or a newsletter to gather people's details, a competition or referrals, there are many ways to generate new prospects to be automatically added to your database.
  • Time savvy with automation where possible, look at your marketing and client loyalty processes and find ways to automate them through this medium. When clients need more to feel special and your time becomes more pressured, automation is the key to your future successful growth.
  • Professional make your business look like the expert with attractive, eye-catching emails.

Here are the four main Database Marketing tools that can be used in conjunction with your database of contacts:

Email Marketing Bloomtools Email Marketing Software allows you to send bulk emails to your entire database of contacts using a step-by-step wizard system. Simply input your content into the professional template created by our graphic design team, then choose your audience and hit send.Email marketing is a great tool for building relationships with your current clients and attracting new leads because it's instant, personalised, directly linked to your website and it positions your business as the expert.
Online Surveys With Bloomtools Survey tool you can collect valuable information for your business, such as customer feedback, using our simple surveys and polls tools. The tool is simple to use, with all results collated in simple graphs in real-time.
Event Management Market and manage your events with everything from invitations to online booking system (including payment) through to instant name cards with Bloomtools Event Management Software
SMS Marketing Thanks to Bloomtools SMS Marketing Software you can communicate short, instant, personalised messages to specific target groups, anywhere and at anytime. This is a great tool if you need to pass on urgent information to your contacts.

Database Marketing involves using all of these online tools to attract potential customers, increase sales, build client loyalty and reduce internal administration. Now is the time to start your database marketing.