Google integrates Facebook and Twitter into search results

Written on the 7 December 2009

Google is set to become even more of a one-stop-shop on the internet, as they have just announced plans to integrate real-time feeds from Twitter, Facebook and Myspace into their search results.

Social media has become so popular now that the demand for this real-time content is huge - users want up-to-the-minute conversations, not outdated websites.

Now your search results will include the lateset fresh content from the top socia media sites, allowing you to see what people are saying about your particular search option. 

Google says: "Try searching for your favourite TV show, sporting event or the latest development on a recent government bill. Whether it's an eyewitness tweet, a breaking news story or a fresh blog post, you can find it on Google right after it's published on the web."

These streams from Twitter et al will appear in a box on the search results page called 'Latest results' and you can choose to expand that section to see a full page of live tweets, blogs and news, making it easy to find the latest news or read the latest opinions.

> Watch Google's demo video here