How to become an SEO Ninja

Written on the 20 March 2013 by James Greig

You already know the importance of being found on search engines, but how do you do it?

For many industries, just by following the unique steps we take you through in this webinar will get you up the top of the results. 

In this webinar you will understand what the following are, and how to implement them yourselves or with our help:
  • a refresher on basics of seo - even if you have heard some of this before, you could learn something that you have missed in the past.
  • Give you all an update on Googles Panda and Penguin;
  • Take you through the tools and strategies to help you with these changes (content authors, content product, creating silos, website speed, mobile websites, robots.txt)

James GreigAuthor:James Greig
About: James is the founder of Bloomtools and the software and Internet expert on the Executive Team. With a degree in Advanced Information Technology, specialising in Computer Science and Interactive Development, James founded the software development arm of Bloomtools in 2004.
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