Is your browser outdated?

Written on the 17 November 2020

With the way technology speeds along these days it can be a real mission trying to keep up. Sure, we don't all need the latest smart phone, the top of the range computer or the fanciest gaming console. But when it comes to your web browser it certainly pays to be up-to-date with the latest advances. Here's why:


Older web browsers have much less security than the newest. Because of this you're more likely to have hackers gain access to your system, download viruses and malware and even get hold of your credit card details if your browser is outdated. For this reason alone you should ensure that you're always running on the newest version of your browser.


If security is not a good enough reason for you, think about all the features of the web that your old browser is not compatible with. Ever been to a website that just looks awful and wondered why on Earth anyone would pay for a website like that? Well, chances are, the website actually looks great and it's your browser that's the problem. Think of all the amazing website features you may be missing out on with your outdated browser. Tempted to update now?


Older browsers are typically slower than the latest browsers. If your browsing experience can be likened to watching grass grow, don't cuss and curse at your provider. Instead, check your browser. If it's outdated, chances are it's the culprit. Update now - it'll save you heaps of time in the future.

Ok, so I need to update. What is available these days?

Currently, there are four major browsers on the market: Firefox 3.6, Chrome, Safari (For Apple computers) and Internet Explorer 8. All four of these browsers are regularly updated by their respective companies and it pays to download these updates as soon as they are released.

In the case of Firefox, Explorer and Safari, you will receive a notification saying that an update is available for these browers. You can also manually check for updates by going to Tools (Internet Explorer) or Help (Firefox). Chrome will automatically check for and install updates when you open a new browsing session.

I currently use IE6. Why can't I stay with this browser?

Internet Explorer 6 was developed 10 years ago so, in technology terms, this browser is a dinosaur. It's not often that a company will encourage users to move away from one of its products but, due to the age of the software, this is exactly what Microsoft is trying to acheive. Their goal is to see Internet Explorer 6 usage drop to less than 1% worldwide so that websites no longer need to maintain support for the IE6 browser. For IE6 users this means that, very soon, your online browsing experience will become quite difficult and displeasing. The solution: upgrade to a newer browser.

I'm a Bloomtools client. What do you recommend I use?

Our software developers have optimised our programs and tools for use on Firefox and Chrome, so we recommend using these browsers over others. There are a number of reasons why these are our preferred browsers. The main reason is that both support industry standards for the Internet, which makes the experience much more pleasing. Additionally, these browsers are faster than other browsers.

We regularly update our tools and programs and, when we do, we always develop it with the technology of the latest versions of these browsers in mind. So if you want your Bloomtools Website or Database Marketing to work as well as possible, you will need to keep your browser updated as well.

Where can I get more information?

If you're unsure whether you're using the latest browser, or if you're missing out on updates, our Bloomtools Consultants will be happy to help you out.