One Database for Everything

Written on the 30 July 2010

Bloomtools new 4.0 Database Marketing system will be released on the 9th of August. The new Database Marketing system is built to be faster, smarter and more easier to use than ever.

Bloomtools began in 2004 as a boutique software development company for businesses on the Gold Coast, Australia.

They are passionate about how the Internet could be used as a tool to level the playing field between small and big businesses, so they began developing online tools specifically designed for small to medium businesses and were quickly established a reputation as a leading edge technology company.

Bloomtools tools and services includes: Dynamic, self-editing websites, all in one email and SMS marketing systems, CRM system to be launched later this year to efficiently manage leads and customers. They also have tools for getting more customers, tools for making more money, tools for saving more time and a simple online toolbox to manage it all in one place, with one database.

A couple of highlights of the new Database Marketing System are that it now includes up to 50 email templates that you can modify and use to suit your business, the system is also ready for the ipad as it no longer uses flash technology and the usability has also jumped up a notch.

"In addition to the new interface improvements and the extra features, the main improvement we are committing to is 'one database for everything'. We want you to have a system where the contact in your shopping cart is the same one that attended your event - where you can track all your interactions with a contact from the moment they enter your site, to 10 years down the track," Director James Greig said.

"Our Email Marketing tool now allows you to view your SPAM report while editing your email campaign and the HTML editor is now easier to use as the styles will follow you as you scroll down the page," Greig said.

The new Email Marketing tool also allows campaign links to be tracked through Google Analytics so you can work out which links in your campaign are generating results on your site.

Another feature is that you will be able to see the contacts that an email will be sent to on the last step for a final check also Twitter can be updated with a tweet as soon as your campaign is sent out and the Name tag wizard now allows you to choose the look and feel and information displayed on your name tags.

'This is a very exciting development for the SME market, they will now have the facilities to use email marketing effectively like some of the larger corporations and we are proud to provide this to our current clients.

'In the upcoming months we are giving businesses the opportunity to trial this feature for free, said Greig.

To find out more about Bloomtools please visit our website at