The 5 email campaigns that generated the best results

Written on the 31 May 2012

Looking for a way to get better results from your email marketing? Well, learn from the best in this informative one hour webinar hosted by Internet expert and marketing guru, Tracey Voyce.

She’ll take you through the five most effective email campaigns that our clients have generated great results from and show you how to get the same results for your business. The techniques you’ll learn will focus on:

  • How to increase your leads and sales
  • How to build client loyalty and encourage your customers to return for more
  • How to make new clients feel special from day one
  • How to increase your referrals
  • How to save time by using automation technology
  • How to create a one page plan that allows you to achieve all of this despite your busy schedule

If you’re looking for the top tips to improve the results you get from your Email Marketing, then this is a webinar we know you’ll enjoy.


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