Use the Internet to make sales this Holiday Season

Written on the 9 November 2011

Everyone is saying the market is slowing down, so most businesses are not carrying out any new strategies to generate revenue over the Christmas New Year holiday period. Well, guess what?  With less businesses marketing, the ones who are will get results!  So here are some quick suggestions for our clients to get ahead with their Database Marketing, Social Media, SMS before Christmas.  

Christmas Promotions

Send out a promotional email with an offer that can't be refused. It will get your potential buyers who are stalling to act, and persuade others to choose you over your competitors.

It maybe payment terms, a package deal, a chance to win something your target market really want, or the opportunity to get something for free. All of these techniques will add value.

Remember to put in a deadline as an incentive to act fast. Give them different ways to take action such as calling you, visiting your website to buy online or fill out a form, or by replying to your email.  Also include any conditions, so the offer is all upfront for your clients

Promote this same deal on your invoices, your social media sites, via SMS, your email signatures, any other forms of advertising you use, on your business windows and through your alliances so the word gets out and all mediums are complimenting each other to increase the results.

And remember  - always invite them to pass your offer on to someone they know who may like it. Make it easy for them to do so with a refer a friend link.

Case Studies

For B2B companies, send out a story of a business whose pains and challenges are similar to the target market you are trying to attract. Talk about their original challenges, how you helped them and the end result. Everyone loves getting ideas from others similar to themselves on how they have overcome things.

Include an introductory deal to help your prospects get started to be like the business in the story. This also works in some B2C markets if there are a common pains and challenges for your target markets.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is always the number one form of marketing, yet one most businesses have no strategies for it. Get all your team members asking clients if they know of anyone that could be as valuable a client as they are (after all, like attracts like). For example:

As a great customer of Bloomtools, we would love to attract others like you - there are so many businesses out there are having so many challenges with their websites and we want to help them, so please refer anyone you know who needs help to us. Just reply to this email and I will give you a call. Hey, I will also give you a gift too, to say thank you, as I really do appreciate your time and kindness for doing this.

Send out a special campaign to clients, giving them a gift if they refer someone to you this month. Host a special event (party or educational evening) for clients and encourage them to bring a guest, be it a fellow business person, or fellow shopper like them. It will double your numbers instantly.

Provide value

Email out some information of value to make doing business with you more special (eg. tips, common forms, white papers etc).  It makes you feel really great when you hear the stories and positive feedback from clients who have implemented some of your great advise. (By the way, we want to hear your successes after applying some of these strategies). You will be surprised about how much information you have in your head that could really make a difference to your clients. Just drop it into a quick email and they will love you for it.

Special Christmas Message

Send a special Christmas email message to your clients wishing everyone a really great, safe Christmas. Include your business hours and emergency numbers. Use one of our many great free templates in the database marketing system to make it look good. Even dress up the staff to look christmassy, take a photo of them, and add the image to your campaign for a very personalise message that your customers will love.

Get Social

If you have social media presences like Facebook and Twitter make sure you have your website content automatically feeding into those presences and work the multiple mediums together. People get very active in social media during the Christmas season, so you really will be where your customers are.

Use your imagination

Of course, these are just a few suggestions from us, but I'm sure you have a wealth of good ideas in your head that will be equally as effective. If you don't have the tools, like Third Generation Website, Email Marketing and Social Media Accounts to put these ideas into practice, then make sure you contact us today and we'll chat with you about the tools you need.

And if you know someone who would gain value from this article, please feel free to pass it on