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The Bloomgroup has had many successful years, not only building up their own business but also assisting other companies become market leaders with Technology and leveraged systems.

2002 - Sheds Enterprise Application Software (EAS)

The beginnings of the Bloomgroup, started in 2003 when James worked with Wide Span Sheds to build software that enabled them to use technology to create building plans, quotes and purchasing process for customised sheds.  This relationship, continued with the commencement of the first Bloomgroup company Bluehype where James grew his software development team, continued to develop the software and team so the client  was able to manage this on their own with their own IT team .  This software, was a major contributor to Sheds has become the number one shed supplier in Australia.

2004 - Bluehype Web Development Company

Through the success of Sheds, the team expanded to establish an online business solution arm of the business to help small to medium sized businesses with quality online solutions that delivered results - creating a world leading proprietary Website, Database Marketing and CRM solutions that worked through one login and one database to deliver the best, leveraged results for their business.  

Bluehype's growing elite team of software architects, graphic designers, marketing consultants and business experts combined their skills to create self-editing websites, simple online tools and Internet marketing systems for businesses to use to achieve success.

2006 - Bluehype Reseller / White Label Website solution

Bluehype quickly built up a good reputation in the market, not only with it's own small to medium sized business clients but also with other marketing professionals in the area. Through interest, Bluehype evolved it's business model and tools to provide a white label solution for other web, marketing, printing, coaching etc companies who wanted to offer web solutions to their clients, without needing to design and build the solutions.  

With Bluehype's sophisticated (SaaS) tools* that enabled the end clients to easily update and manage their online solutions, the Resellers were also able to get:

  • A team of project managers, and technical support people to help them deliver the best business web solutions for their clients.
  • Websites and Database Marketing solutions for clients, with unique designs, and updated technology*
  • A comprehensive online business system, that enabled them to:
    • Manage all leads through an integrated CRM
    • Create attractive informative quotes for clients quickly online, including both their own as well as Bluehype tools
    • With one click, turn those quotes into orders that generated a personalised invoice and agreement from them, as well as sent an order through to Bluehype to commence working on the design and build of their clients online solution.
    • Manage the production of their online solutions for clients, knowing exactly where the project was at from Bluehypes perspective, but also be guided with their own tasks to ensure the project was delivered fully completed with efficiencies
    • If wanted, they could also use the personalised invoicing system for their clients
    • Market to prospects and clients, through the integrated Database Marketing Solution
    • and more.
  • One portal with one login, to manage their sales, production, accounting, and clients online solutions.  

The above was such a success, not only because everyone loved the quality technology solutions they were giving their clients, but more importantly the business systems they were getting with it to leverage and manage their businesses, so they could concentrate on looking after their own clients and growing their businesses.

2007 - Bloomgroup 

As the business expanded, a corporate identity was created.  The name fitted our vision of our what we wanted our business to always be about (providing the best Tools, and services to help businesses grow).

2007 - Bloomtools Franchise Solution

With the success of a number of our Resellers, Bloomtools looked at creating a solution for 100% dedicated sellers, and created a division of our business to focus on the franchising model.  Using the base of our production and business systems,  we also built a successful sales model and tools, along with the much required documentation needed to get into Franchising.

Franchisees, were given more training than Resellers giving them not only the industry knowledge, we also helped our franchisees with sales, business, and marketing guidance.  And with regular coaching sessions, they are able to build their business on their own, but with a very supportive and proactive Franchisor backing them.

2009 - IVvy Event Management Software

Building Enterprise Systems was a strength of the Bloomgroup, and through the persistence of Lauren Hall, the Bloomgroup decided to invest in building an event management system that would revolutionise the world of managing events for venues, event managers, corporates, and attendees through one system.  Through the initial years of development, proof of concept, then uptake - IVvy is now recognised as one of the leading Enterprise solutions in this industry.

2013 - Snap Franchising Ltd

Having built a successful website, sales and business solution for Resellers - Bloomtools was able to assist Snap in adding a quality web solution to their suite of service offerings (changing their business, to being Snap Print, Design and Web).  This model has been adjusted over the years, to being more a referral model - where we act as being Snap and do everything from the sale to building the solution, then ongoing support and guidance for clients after they have gone live.

Bloomtools has also assisted Snap with a lot of technology consulting, building their websites and franchise knowledge base system, delivering email marketing solutions for each franchisee and Head office and more.

2015 - Bloomtools Canada

Bloomtools operations and design team are very scalable and able to handle a large number of projects at one time, and due to this it can also easily grow through the efficiencies of its business systems build the solutions, through to managing peoples day to day tasks. 

Print Three, the largest Print franchise group in Canada, was looking at getting into web as a growing market to expand their franchise group.  They investigated many solutions in North America, but when viewing the Bloomtools franchise solution were impressed by its Enterprise systems that would add so much value to attract new franchisees, make managing their franchisees more effective, as well as the leading edge web solutions that would give them strength in the marketplace.  Bloomtools Canada, now have 16 Franchisees (as at August 2016).


* Software as a Service (SaaS).  All of the Bloomtools products and tools have been created so they are regularly updated so the client does not need to worry about keeping their online solutions in the latest technology, as their backend of their solutions are regularly updated for them.  For our web clients, it enables their website to being the last website they ever need to own.