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Scrapbooking Web Design Case Study

Learn how Bloomtools created a website for a unique Australian scrapbooking website, Sugarsnapps.

Scrapbooking is a huge industry in Australia at the moment and creative Gold Coast business Sugarsnapps decided to tap into this market with an online shop for scrapbooking products and a community for fans.

The Brief

The Sugarsnapps site had two purposes - ecommerce and interactive community - so the Bloomtools team needed to build a site that had the functionality to achieve both.  The shopping cart needed to be simple for the business owner to manage herself, as well as easy and convenient for scrapbooking fans to use in order to draw them away from the physical stores where they currently purchase most of their products.

The community aspect is also key to the site's success, to keep people coming back regularly and building loyalty.  Sugarsnapps wanted a way for members to be able to talk to each other and to share their design ideas.  Also, the site needed to be pretty, colourful and modern to attract the attention of the scrapbooking audience.

The Solution

First, Bloomtools' team of graphic designers created a beautiful, bright and funky design for the website.  The site also uses an eye-catching Flash Header to showcase the variety of scrapbooking products Sugarsnapps has on offer.

Then the base website was built up with all the ecommerce and interactive tools Sugarsnapps required - a Shopping Cart with inventory control, simple payment and shipping management and upselling features; Database Marketing to collect and maintain all the details of the site's members and stay in touch with them via cost-effective email; Forum for members to interact with each other and discus scrapbooking; and Photo Gallery where members can upload their designs to show other site users which is a unique value-adding service.

Tools Used

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