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Steel Building Company Web Design Case Study

Learn how Bloomtools created a website and email marketing solution for a leading steel building company, Wide Span Sheds.

Wide Span Sheds is Australia's leading shed building company, with thousands of Wide Span sheds, barns and homes built around the nation every year and exported to over 20 countries around the world.

Since commencing operations in the late 1990s, Wide Span has grown to become one of the largest steel building companies in Australia. Recently, Wide Span decided they needed a professional, hard-working website to connect them to their customers and showcase their large product range.

The Brief

Wide Span Sheds' recent growth meant that they had numerous new potential customers wanting information on their company and their products. Therefore, they needed a website that would inform these customers while positioning their brand as the industry leader and generating sales leads.

The challenge was to create a website that was both professional-looking and functional, that reflected their quality brand and products and was simple for their customers to use. As well as informing their prospects, the website needed to actually generate sales leads for Wide Span. Therefore, it needed to have a method of capturing the contact details of potential customers.

In addition to the website, Wide Span Sheds also needed a simple and cost-effective system for communicating marketing messages to their clients and prospects. They needed a system that didn't require extensive administration and would generate measurable results for their business.

The Solution

The solution for Wide Span Sheds was a Bloomtools 3G website that featured a complete catalogue of all their products and a quote request form for generating leads. These functional aspects of the site were combined with a sophisticated, professional design to reinforce the company's brand image, as well as a series of advertising spots for them to promote their latest offers and campaigns.

Wide Span Sheds also implemented the Ezy Communicator system to work in conjunction with their website. They sent out an email campaign to their existing clients using their new marketing system and this campaign generated amazing results for them - $1.3 million in sales as a direct result of the campaign!

They also had more than 10, 000 visitors to their website in the three days after the campaign went out, which made the email far more effective and measurable than any of their other marketing materials.

Tools Used

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