Social Media - Is it a Fad or Revolution?

Bloomtools Client Webinar (FREE online education session)
In this webinar you will discover:
     - Who is following Social Media and is it really adding any advantages for business?
     - What strategies are getting results?
     - How do I follow my brand / business online?
     - What Bloomtools clients can use to save them time with Social Media content?
See the facts, hear the business stories and strategies successful companies are using with social media.
Your first time, at a webinar?
Don't worry it is simple to do, we will send you the details on how you can simply click on a link and watch the webinar on your own computer. To hear the webinar, you can either listen through your computers speakers, or headset (recommended), or simply phone a number we give you to listen to it over the phone while watching your sreen. And if you miss anything, the whole seminar is recorded for watching later on.

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Who Should Attend? :

Sales and marketing professionals, Managers and business owners who are serious about keeping up to date with our changing market.