Google Advertising Insight Webinar

Google Advertising can be an effective marketing strategy to generate good quality leads when you need them.  Yet it doesn't work for all types of businesses.

In this 30 minute webinar we will take you through:

  • How Google over time has evolved and the changing results for Advertisers and searchers
  • What type of businesses it works for, and ones it doesn't
  • What we do for clients to help them get more quality leads each month, ROI, a greater presence on Google and remove the unnecessary costs we see others pay
  • Some live example of clients, so you can what is possible.

And at the end, a gift from Google and one from us, to take your investment of time in this webinar even further.


Venue:online webinar
Starting:12:00 PM
Tuesday 18th September 2018
Ending:12:30 PM
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