How to Use AI Tools to Power Your Business Growth 2

Overwhelmed by the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Abyss? We've Got Your Back! AI is monumental, but the maze of where to start can be paralysing. Don't risk being left behind. Join us on the 28th of November, and we'll cut through the confusion. We ran this workshop in October, and everyone loved it - so we are doing it again.

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • What AI is and how it can be used in small businesses
  • Specific AI tools and resources that can help you automate tasks, improve customer service, and make better decisions
  • How to implement AI in your business without breaking the bank

This workshop is perfect for small to medium business owners of all levels of experience, from those who are new to AI to those who are looking for ways to take their AI use to the next level.

Let us give you some great tips on using AI, saving your precious time, and propelling you into the AI game.

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Venue:online webinar
Starting:11:00 AM
Tuesday 28th November 2023
Ending:12:00 PM
Phone Enquiries:1300 399 399
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