Bloomtools | Events Calendar/Listing

Events Calendar/Listing

Use this tool to promote your business events on your website to inform your customers and get more attendees.

The number one place your customers will look for information about your events will be your website, so you should be promoting all your events on there in some way.

With the Bloomtools Events tool you have the option of showing your events in the form of a calendar or just a list on your site and users can click on each listing to find more information on the event.  Both options are created to fit your branding and it is simple to upload and edit.  Use this tool to manage your events and to provide information to your customers.

What your business can do with the Events Calendar/Listing:

  • Make more money - more people at your events means more sales and more money so promote all your events on your website.
  • Save time and money - promote your events in one simple to use system and cut  promotional costs by using your own site to advertise.
  • Increase your website traffic - provide the information that your customers seek on your website to encourage them to come back regularly.

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