Bloomtools South Brisbane Testimonials

I am very happy with the website. Its very flexible to do what I need to do - I can change my content straight away. The site is built very simply and if my customers go online and if they don't see what they want in 10secs then they will leave.

My last site was built in flash it looked all flashy but it was hard to get the information. Now it is simple for them - they order online or they give me a ring. 20-30% of my orders come directly online and the rest come over the phone.

The building of the website has paid itself back straight away almost straight away.

With my last site, If I wanted to change my price - I had to wait 4-5 days because the website designer was busy and then I would get an invoice for $200!

Now I just go in and 2 minutes and its done. I can make my decisions quickly and get the changes through to the site.

What is Bloomtools service like? - A lot of companies do a poor job with service - they don't pick up the phone. This is not the case with Bloomtools... If I have a problem and we don't pick up the phone I'd have to drive in and its great that you pick up the phone and get it sorted.

After sales is very important - many businesses like to sell you with a big smile and then never wnat to speak to you again.

In my business my after sales is also very important. I sent out several emails when people become a customer and this keeps them happy.

I am also marketing through my database as well - I only started doing this 2 months ago and I have just added a lot more customers to my list so I am looking forward to seeing the results.

The database software works very easily, its easy to add addresses and easy to send out.

What sort of sales improvement have you had since your Bloomtools website - I've had an improvement in sales of 500-600%.

Just by changing websites I am also having many less people calling with questions - they couldn't find the price or the information wasn't clear. I was geting 7-10 per day and now I have a few with small questions and the rest are calling to buy.

Would you recommend Bloomtools to other businesses?

I do. Actually my customers call me and say I have a good website. I have been recommended you to other businesses to get their websites through Bloomtools.

Peter Nijkamp, Managing Director | Prestige Water

"I would like to thank Bloomtools for their work in developing my website - I am rapt with the result.

I interviewed three website developers before deciding on Bloomtools - from my first meeting with Bloomtools, I knew I was dealing with professionals who were genuinely excited about bringing my website vision to reality, and passionate about growing my business.

My involvement in the development process from the creative brief onwards was inclusive and robust. The appointments with the team were very constructive and elicited from me the information they required, and also highlighted to me other issues to which I needed to give more thought. As part of the process, I provided them with examples from left and right of arc, i.e. sites that I particularly liked, and sites that I did not like and the reasons why. Bloomtools listened carefully to my requirements, and provided me with several choices of website template from which I chose the stand-out one to move forward. The flash banner on my site was one I was particularly keen to have done perfectly. I was able to describe in detail what I wanted for the banner, and the end result was exactly what I wanted, plus I got a bonus image! Ongoing support and training is excellent and queries are dealt with accurately and promptly.

I would not hesitate in recommending your services to anyone who wants to grow their business, and who needs a dynamic website developer. Thanks Bloomtools!"

Robert Brownie
Managing Director
Insight Acumen


Rob Brownie, Managing Director Insight Acumen | Insight Acumen

 “Our business operates in a very competitive environment and being at the top of the various search engines is imperative. With the support from Bloomtools we achieved this in a short period of time resulting in increased referrals and leads. An added benefit is that it is easy for us to update and manage our website in real time, saving time and money.”


Stewart, Managing Director | Surepipe

I would recommend Bloomtools to anyone thinking of starting up a website. Everything from their designs, service and technical support has been fantastic. The functionality of their website console is also phenomenal and very user-friendly.

Everything about this company is impressive. Dominica has an amazing team with prompt and efficient service, making the whole process easy.

This is my second website with Bloomtools and I would not hesitate to use them again for my third one, in planning!

Dr Lily Vrtik: Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Marketing/Sales/Sponsorship Manager, Queensland Medical Orchestra

March, 2016

Dr Lily Vrtik, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon | Dr Lily Vrtik

Thanks to Dominica, we have a fantastic 'up to date' website which beautifully highlights the cruises our business offers.

Her patience in showing me, "a mature person", how the back end works, is much appreciated.

Thanks to Dominica's expert advice, we're confident our new website will generate more business with better SEO functionality. Sincere thanks to the team at Bloomtools!

Roslyn Geddes | Brisbane Cruises

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you and your staff for your support and effort over the past four years. 

Being a small business it was a big decision to commit funds to having a website professionally designed and we were concerned  about the of return on investment.

As you are aware we had evidence after only 6 months that the web-site had paid for itself! We recently completed, with your staff, an upgrade of our site and are very happy with the outcomes.

Existing clients love the new layout and the website enquiries continue to grow. I believe that some of the enhancements seem to be generating practically pre-qualified leads which we love!

Barb Davey, Plates and Platters Catering (Feb 2013)

Barbara Davey, Proprietor | Plates and Platters Catering

Hi Dominica,

Yet again you have thrilled us with your talent, this time with the creation of our brand new responsive website!!

It's clean/fresh and exactly what we have been wantingJ

Thank you so much for walking us through this process from the creative brief all the way to the finished product, you really have

Added so much value to our business, listened to our ideas, and created the perfect site for us.

As always you have been a pleasure to deal with!

Thank you SO much Dominica

Prudence Eade | Brisbane Cup Supplies

Dominica has provided excellent customer service and support as we set up a new online shop. Nothing is ever too much trouble and she has always responded quickly to any questions we have had. We have valued her recommendations and suggestions.

Kind Regards,

Cindy, Website and Marketing |