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Internet Strategy and Coaching

Bloomtools provides strategy planning and internet coaching to help you get the best from your online presence.

We help you identify your needs.

Not sure how the internet could work for your business? A Bloomtools consultant will evaluate your business and show you how you can get more customers, make more money and save more time with the internet. All our consultants understand the internet from a technological perspective, and just as importantly, from usability, business and marketing stanpoints as well, so they can give you practical advice and recommendations tailored to your business needs.

The 4Ps of internet success.

Building your online presence is like building an office. You can't just create something that looks nice - you have to consider what will add value to your business.  The key to this is the 4Ps - purpose, promotion, persuasion and persistence.  Your Bloomtools consultant will help you create and Internet Plan that integrates these 4 elements for the best possible results.  Once your website is live, we provide ongoing coaching to help you put this plan into action.

Internet experts at your service.

Bloomtools consultants are trained in accordance with the standards of Website Standards Association and World Wide Web Consortium and they are kept up-to-date with the most effective strategies for businesses using the internet.  Your consultant is there every step of the way as you get your website up and running, and provides ongoing support and coaching to ensure you get the best results possible.