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Landing Page Manager

Get more customers and make more money from your online and offline advertising by using focused landing pages.

A landing page is a specialised page that links to an advertisement and is designed to get sales. Businesses that use them well get far greater results than those that don't but it is important that they are created by experts.

The Bloomtools Landing Page Manager allows you to create landing pages, link them to your advertising and measure the results of your campaign. If you advertise, you need this tool to get return on investment and to cut your administration time.

What your business can do with the Landing Page Manager

  • Get more customers: a potential customer can click on your advertisement and be taken directly to a page devoted to it, which simplifies the purchase process and makes it easy for them to buy.
  • Make more money: link your landing page directly to your shopping cart so customers can purchase immediately.
  • Cut costs: you can manage your landing pages yourself, so you don't need to pay a website developer or marketer to do it for you.
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